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How Can Technology Help Me Write My Paper For Me?

April 16, 2022 No Comments

Featured article by Robert Chapman

Millennials and Gen Zs are the tech-savviest generations that have ever lived on the planet. No wonder tech developers target them as the main potential users of apps and online tools. Because of technological advancement, students can write faster and efficiently. Plagiarism checkers, writing apps, math tools – the list goes on and on. Add scheduling and motivation apps, and the result will exceed the professor’s expectations.

How did technology change the studying process? Can you use apps and tools to write your essay faster? All answers are in the article below. Keep reading.

How Does Technology Influence Modern Studying?

Sure, we take technology for granted and never think of the world without it. Have you ever wondered how your college life would have been different without a laptop? Or a smartphone with a recording tool for lectures? With technology, you no longer think of ‘Who can write my paper for me or a Literature essay?’ Because you can always find paper writing help online.

headphones2image source

– Technology connects students and professors. Back then, a student couldn’t reach the professor if they weren’t in college. Nowadays, we have Skype for that;

– It provides students with an endless number of educational opportunities. Want to study art but don’t have it in the college curriculum? Join the Coursera community, and you’re ready to go!

– It provides new opportunities for the learning process. A few years ago, creating a 3D anatomy model on a printer was impossible. Nowadays, learners can easily construct models of organs in their biology classes;

– Remote learning. You no longer need to buy a car or move to a new place in order to study. Moreover, technology makes studying cheaper since on-campus learning is always expensive.

Find more reasons why you should reap all benefits technology offers to modern students.

Technology Improves Your Research

Remember those students with an old-fashioned pile of library books? Thanks to modern technology, you no longer need to worry about long library queues. Or the weight of the books to put in your bag. With a few taps on your phone, you can get any book you want without paying for it or talking to a real-life librarian. The best part is that the book’s electronic version is weightless and free.

– Online databases. Getting access to the best academic sources is a common practice among college students. You can reach the local library online or through databases like Jstor and Google Scholar;

– Blogs and tutorials. You can read as many blogs on essay writing as you want. Most of them will include essay samples. This is a great opportunity to learn how your predecessors wrote essays on the same topic as yours;

– Interviews. What if you need to interview someone special for your essay? Now you can! Simply with the use of social media and apps like Skype or WhatsUp.

Tech Tools Save Your Time and Organize It Better

Just imagine the number of things you can do online. You can send your admission essay or an application for a scholarship. You can send your research paper to the professor without leaving the comfort of your home. Also, there is no need to waste your time commuting from one place to another.

There is no time to ponder ‘Who can write my paper for me or a college essay?’ neither. To keep your mind focused on academic activities, use scheduling apps.

– Todoist. Helps you create tasks, share them with others, and get timely reminders;
– Minimalist. Helps you sort out and prioritize daily tasks while using a Pomodoro technique;
– Forest. Set a timer and grow a virtual tree while trying to avoid distraction;
– Dewo. Like a silent detective, the tool finds the programs that should be turned off. Once you start working, the app registers the work mode and blocks notifications;
– Things 3. The app manages your tasks and encourages you to focus on urgent ones.

Technology Lets You Focus on Important Tasks

‘Can technology write my paper for me and solve a math equation at the same time?’ Yeap, it obviously can. Due to apps like Photomath and Geometry Solver, you can forget about other subjects and focus strictly on essay writing. Once you’re done with fractions and algorithms, proceed with collecting data for your essay.

From now on, you can ‘delegate’ the tasks you hate to apps and do the things you like. Or focus on the subjects that really matter – for instance, mastering the art of paper writing.

gangimage source

– Books. Download books on essay writing and explore new opportunities. The sources you can use for this purpose are ‘College Essay: Essentials’ by Ethan Sawyer and ‘Escape Essay Hell!’ by Janine Robinson ;

– Tutorials. If downloading books sounds boring to you, search for online videos. There are plenty of YouTube tutorials on composing a perfect essay;

– Courses. Enroll in writing courses on Khan Academy or Coursera. Master the secrets of academic writing for free.

Tech Novelties Make Great Tools for the Writing Process

‘Can I write my paper for me without a dictionary?’ You can certainly skip the ‘buying the printed thesaurus’ part. All because you can download translation apps or use online dictionaries. If you’ve never opened a Cambridge or Merriam-Webster dictionary, it is time to do it. There is no need to leaf through the thesaurus – online vocabularies are much faster.

The same goes for plagiarism checkers and citation tools. Apps like Citation Machine and Grammarly will ensure there are no plagiarized lines in your essay. Meanwhile, a Turnitin report will help you avoid plagiarism and sophisticate your writing.

Final Thoughts

Technology speeds up your writing process, whether it’s a focus app or a grammar-checker. Simply put, technology gives you more time to spend on the things you love. It also assists you in learning the art of essay writing online. In the end, technology is all about opportunities and academic efficiency.

We hope the article was helpful to you. Good luck!





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