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Augmented Reality Analytics: Transforming Data Visualization

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How Long A Refurbished Laptop Lasts Compared To A New One

September 30, 2022 No Comments

Featured article by John Guevara, Outreach Specialist and Content Editor at LD SEO Sydney


If you are thinking about getting a new laptop then you have probably already explored the idea of getting yourself a refurbished laptop instead of buying a brand new product. There are many benefits of buying this type of product from companies like Recompute who specialize in refurbished laptops, the biggest of which is the difference in price with refurbished laptops offering massive discounts in comparison to a brand new model. Refurbished laptops also prevent electronics going to landfill and they can be a great option for many. There are some drawbacks with a refurbished laptops such as short warranties, and the big question that many wish to know is – what is the lifespan of a refurbished laptop versus a new one.

A brand new laptop will generally have a lifespan of between 3 and 5 years, although in truth many of the high level laptops are able to function very well for up to 6 or even 7 years if they are well looked after. The reason that we know what the lifespan of these products is, comes down to the parts that are inside it and most importantly the battery and the memory. The batteries of a laptop can be changed which will breathe new life into the product, but in terms of storage and CPU usage, these can’t really be replaced and when they get full, the system slows down and the computer slowly loses its ability to function well. Although you can always play at vulkan vegas bonus 25 euro because they are not very demanding to the characteristics of the laptop.

So How Long Will a Refurbished Laptop Last?

There are some variable factors here in terms of how long a refurbished laptop will last, which we will take a look first.

Who Refurbed?

If the refurbishment was carried out by the original manufacturer then you can count on the longest possible lifespan for the product. If however this was carried out by a 3rd party vendor then it is unlikely you’ll get much more than a year or 2 from the product as it is highly likely that original parts weren’t used.

Age Before Refurb

A big consideration to make here is what age the laptop was when it was taken in to be refurbished. If this was a 2 year old laptop that was returned as faulty and the refurbished, it is likely you’ll get 2 years tops from the product, if it was brand new, it could be longer.


If we assume that the laptop was bought new, used for a couple of months and then returned as faulty to the original manufacturer, we can bet on the refurbished laptop lasting between 2 to 3 years, but not much more than that. The refurbishment work is not the same as when the product is originally put together and whilst it will pass the tests that it must go through, there is always going to be untold changes to the product which will diminish its life. With this being said, for the low cost of a refurbished laptop, 2-3 years is a very good lifespan to expect.

 About the Author

John Guevara is an Outreach Specialist and Content Editor at LD SEO Sydney. He is the adventurous type and is never afraid to take on new challenges. He likes tech-related stuff but is also crazy about cars and motorcycles. He has been in the Business Process Outsourcing Industry since 2008 having served as a Customer Service Representative, Quality Assurance Manager, Project Manager, and Operations Manager.

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