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Augmented Reality Analytics: Transforming Data Visualization

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How To Build an App Development Team

July 3, 2020 No Comments

Featured article by Helen Bell, Independent Technology Author

If you’re looking to start a business of creating and selling apps, or you’ve produced an app for your business and you’re ready to push it out to the public, you need to find yourself an exceptional app development team.

There’s much more to app testing and development than meets the eye. Having your own in-house app development team will ensure that all of your app testing needs are thoroughly catered too, and it gives you a lot more control than you would have if you were to outsource the job to another company.

If you’ve never hired an app development team before, it’s worth considering some of the most important skills and capabilities that these team members should have. Ideally, you want your team to be able to bounce off one another, working both independently and together to ensure no stone is left unturned when it comes to producing the best possible final product.

Here are 3 skills to get you started, which you should look for when building an app development team:

1. Leadership

No matter what role they’re playing in your team, ideally, all of your app developers should have leadership capabilities to some level. Being able to take control of the project when it’s their time to shine will help the entire development process to run much more smoothly. It’s important that your team members aren’t afraid to speak up when it would benefit the app itself.

2. Design experience

Not all of your app development team need to be the best designers, but you should have at least one or two experts in the area that the team can turn to when deciding whether a certain feature or element looks the part. Customers won’t enjoy using an ugly app with a difficult-to-navigate interface. A designer can give their word on what looks good and what needs to go.

3. Written copy skills

We’ve all come across an app that looks beautiful but reads like it has been written by a school pupil. Having appealing copy is just as important as the layout and appearance of the app itself, so make sure a number of your app developers are talented in copywriting and can use the right words to sell your app at its best.

Alternative options

If all of this sounds like far too much hassle for you, there is a much easier way to go about developing your apps for selling. Becoming a software reseller and selling on a software that already exists will save you the time and effort of having to test and develop an app yourself.

There are many websites that allow you to purchase templates for apps for a range of businesses, including restaurants, coffee shops, nightclubs and radio stations. You can then amend the app as you wish and then sell it on at a flat fee. This takes away the need to test the app yourself, as it has already been done prior to your purchase.

About the Author

Helen is a tech writer based in Los Angeles. When not writing about the latest tech you can find her volunteering at her local dog shelter.

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