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How to make the most of exhibiting at a trade show

June 4, 2019 No Comments

By Jack Roberts, Independent Technology Author


Trade shows are worthwhile investments that has countless benefits for businesses of all size. They offer the perfect opportunity to promote products and services, to connect with others in the industry and to reach out to consumers.

Here are a few tips to consider when running an exhibit at a trade show:

Look the part

Make sure your booth looks inviting by spending time planning and preparing it in the lead up to the exhibit. Keep it simple, eye-catching and make sure that it fully represents your brand. For inspiration, take a look at the Fret Free Productions website.

Knowing where your booth will be situated prior to the event and taking the time to visit in the lead up can help you make the most of your space by taking into consideration things such as lighting and positioning.

When the booth is up and running, keep it clear of clutter to make sure it is welcoming.

Promote your exhibit

As soon as you know the details of your event, share them! Whether you do this via social media, in-store or word of mouth, putting the word out as soon as possible will help to ensure a good turnout.

And don’t leave it there! Stay proactive during the event by making friends with your neighbouring exhibitors, and continue to promote your presence after the event.

Stay calm 

Running an exhibit at a trade show can be both stressful and exhausting. However, no matter how tired you may be, never let those approaching your stand know this as you want to promote your brand  Remember to keep calm, welcome people in and appreciate every single person that chooses to invest their time in your brand.

Put yourself in your customers shoes 

What would you want to see if you were an attendee at a trade show approaching a business like yours? Be friendly, approachable and be ready to answer questions. Most importantly, don’t go in for the kill with a full-on sales pitch as this is likely to deter people away from your stand and negatively impact your brand.

Never leave your booth unattended

Even if you need a five minute break to grab a coffee or a dash to the toilet, leaving your stand unattended can be damaging and costly. Don’t deprive yourself of breaks throughout the day, after all, these are necessary to keep yourself on top form when meeting people and networking, so make sure to take somebody you trust. Whether it’s an employee, friend or family member, make sure they are clued up on their stuff so you can go and take those all-important breaks knowing the booth is in good hands!

5) Business cards/flyers 

Invest in some good quality business cards of flyers for people to take when they approach your stand. Spend some time making sure they stand out from the crowd and position them appropriately at your stand for people to pick up as they please!

6) Freebies/giveaways 

Although it’s not always possible and may be expensive, consider having some form of merchandise in the form of giveaway, sample or freebie! Special offers/promotions can be a great incentive to help you stand out from others at the trade show and can leave positive lasting impressions of your brand.

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