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Augmented Reality Analytics: Transforming Data Visualization

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How to use Gmail as a CRM

May 2, 2019 No Comments

Featured article by Dmytriy Petrov, Independent Technology Author


Today, companies manage customer relationships in various ways. Some still store information on mobile devices. Others use Excel spreadsheets or Google documents. This works both in the short term and for small business. Also, when you have a small team involved, just launching a startup. However, if you want the expansion, it’s time to choose a CRM system that would organize important business operations and data in the same space perfectly. Later the time saved the businessmen can spend on learning the, working with clients, team buildings, conferences and many other.

Sales managers spend considerable time analyzing and structuring emails. The correspondence with customers sometimes messes, sometimes loses, and tracing the history of communication becomes an extremely tricky quest. Despite the fact that CRM systems are traditionally used as the sales and marketing tools, the customer support departments surely appreciate the great advantages the CRM software provides to its users and clients as well. Today, clients have a wide choice of channels to appeal to in case of support problems – these are messages on social networks to direct calls or emails. The CRM systems help customer-service centers to manage and distribute customer requests coming from different channels easily. Furthermore, most of all are appreciated Gmail-based CRM systems as Gmail mailing service is widely recognized as one of the most convenient and safe.

  Here are how the statistics look like nowadays – at the end of 2018, the number of Gmail service users grow by 1.5 billion. With the total human population of 7.53 billion people living on Earth, approximately 20 percent of them use Gmail. As a matter of fact, Gmail became an integral part of modern business. Numerous CRM systems like use it as the basis for its data processing and collection. Using Gmail-based CRM software a company receives the following advantages:

  • The obvious time economy & increased productivity: no software updating or installation required for all working  computers and employees’ mobile devices;
  • Fast & secure data processing: each employee works with a centralized database that is automatically synchronized and instantly updated;
  • well-organized document management, accounting, work with staff, development, production, promotion, sales and infrastructure, communications, transporting, and logistics.

The prospects diversity for using Gmail-based CRM are enormous. And if you want to increase your company’s business efficiency, optimize work with a growing database, and finally increase your income, feel free to switch to NetHunt – service that turns a regular Gmail mailbox into a Customer Relationship Management software. This CRM is capable to combine various functions designed to facilitate routine daily tasks. The flexibility of NetHunt accompanies the needs of companies, helps to adjust various processes. Moreover, setting up the sales funnel and creating special fields you might need for leads, customers, contacts, projects, tasks, or deals broadens the functionality spectrum available in this CRM.

The NetHunt CRM system is a bright example of easy-adjustable software free for test usage in order to feel the functionality available and its advantages in comparison with various other CRM systems. And finally, Gmail-based CRM NetHunt has payable versions for more professional demands.


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