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Augmented Reality Analytics: Transforming Data Visualization

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How Will Safetrading Help You to Save Your Money?

April 23, 2020 No Comments

Featured article by May Jansen, Independent Technology Author


Cryptocurrency news tends not to be as popular as news about coronavirus or oil, but still, users are interested in it.

That is why there are a lot of YouTube and Telegram channels with crypto signals.

Safetrading is sure that 90% of all those channels are scammers.

And the main goal of this crypto listing platform is to offer users only the best and trusted services.

The activity of this platform started at the beginning of 2018 – more than two years ago.

The first category that was listed on Safetrading was the crypto signals channels.

From 2018 and till now Safetrading uses the special calculation rules to make the reviews and audits of the crypto channels.

If you need to choose the crypto trading bot Safetrading can help you as well. They list a lot of crypto bots now and mostly all of them are checked and approved by this platform.

They have a team of traders who carefully audits every crypto bot. Some traders review everything starting from the history of developing this bot, the team of developers, etc. And another part of the team checks the dashboard, trades, fees, crypto providers the bot work with, and so on.

Safetrading can help you to choose the best crypto wallet as well. You can find some “approved” wallets on their platform. And the process of due diligence is also made by the team of professionals. They review the team of the wallet developers, the open-source code (if it is open), etc.

Based on the results, Safetrading makes the conclusions. If the result is positive, everything is good and there are no risks for users, the platform marks the service as “approved”, and if the results are negative and Safetrading sees that the service wants to steal the users’ money, it will be marked as “scammers”.

Now Safetrading is developing two more categories – Forex brokers and crypto exchanges. The goal is the same – to check the services and to decide if they are safe for users or not.

Now Safetrading has a lot of thankful users whose money was saved from scammers. Every day they receive messages from traders who ask about this or that crypto service or write some complaints on providers and it is important for the platform as well.


Because it is impossible to find all the crypto scammers in the world without the users’ help. Safetrading revealed some scam channels because of the users!

That is why we are sure that this platform can save you money.

If you have questions, feel free to contact the representative of the Safetrading – Andreas Schmidt, he will consult you on every possible topic.

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