HPC and HPDA for the Cognitive Journey with OpenPOWER

Big Data has become characteristic of every computing workload. From its origins in research computing to use in modern commercial applications spanning across industries, data is the new basis of competitive value. The convergence of High Performance Computing (HPC), Big Data Analytics, and High Performance Data Analytics (HPDA) is the next game-changing business opportunity. It is the engine driving a Cognitive organization with Data as its fuel.

Whether you’re a business striving to improve customer experience and loyalty or a research institution in pursuit of increasingly valuable results, adopting infrastructure designed to learn from its own information and return insightful, actionable results – a Cognitive infrastructure – will become the key to advancement. With real-world examples across multiple industries, this report highlights the need for clients to evaluate systems based on performance of complete, data-driven workflows and show how adopting high-value offerings from the OpenPOWER Foundation featuring data-centric design can help lower costs and accelerate time-to-insight on your journey to becoming a Cognitive business.
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