Humanizing Digital Care: A guide to developing a digital care plan that treats people, not diseases.


Omada’s Chief Medical Officer, Carolyn Jasik delivers a framework for delivering effective, personalized care, empowered by technology.

What you’ll learn in this guide: Access to care has gotten harder: Now more than ever, your employees demand solutions that treat them holistically and digitally given the difficulty of accessing in-person healthcare. Digital-forward solutions need to be an important part of your benefits design, Omada can help, and here’s how:
  • Human connection at the core
  • Treating people and not diseases
  • Providing insights, not just data
  • Personalizing care to needs in real time
Read the full guide to learn what it means to provide health care that puts people first.

About Dr. Carolyn Bradner Jasik
Carolyn believes in health technology that is practical, elegant, and has a high impact on patient outcomes. She holds a BA in health policy from Princeton University, an MD from the University of Chicago, and completed Pediatric, Informatics, and Epidemiology training at UCSF where she still sees primary care patients as an Associate Professor

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