IDC Business Value of Adobe Experience Manager Forms


Did you know improving customer experience with Adobe Experience Manager Forms can lead to a 379% ROI?

Short-term: Direct gain in business value: Organizations who improved forms using AEM Forms saw a 20% decrease in form abandonment, which led to increased revenue. AEM Forms also helps increase productivity and staff efficiency.

Long-term: Improved customer experience: Organizations who invest in improved enrollment and communications experiences will win market share and customer loyalty. Organizations who ignore or prioritize other areas of digital transformation will lose market share to competitors who offer better experiences to their customers.

You know you need to deliver an outstanding experience to your customers. But you might be surprised how much business value you can drive by improving customer experience when it comes to your forms and documents.

• Increase conversions with mobile-friendly, dynamic, and personalized forms and documents

• Streamline onboarding by submitting data directly to backend systems and automating tasks and workflows

• Author faster with business-friendly, drag-and-drop interfaces

• Continuously monitor and improve customer experience with analytics
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