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Is Instagram The Powerful Medium To Increase Sales?

February 27, 2019 No Comments

Featured article by Habib Khan, Independent Technology Author

The rise of Instagram since inception is proof that it is powerful social media that can help you increase sales. Why? Within only three years, Instagram, which is a photo App, had accumulated a whopping 150 million users.

Not only so, but this photo App, experiences more engagement than Google, Facebook, and Twitter. See, there are over 800 million users active each month on Instagram. And the fact that many people love images can be the reason why there are about 800 million shares of pictures on this App each day. This explains why investing in Instagram is a powerful medium to increase sales real fast. Let’s take a closer look on Instagram and assess if it is worth it.

1. Hashtags

The fact that you can use Hashtags on Instagram may increase your sales. Why? By using hashtags, you make it easy for buyers looking for your product to trace your products and services more efficiently. How is that possible? Hashtags make your posts to appear among the latest posts so that people discover your content fast.

The good thing with Instagram is that you can use up to 30 hashtags on one post. While that may sound too much, research shows that those who use all 30 hashtags made more sales than those using fewer hashtags.

What more? Using the Best Instagram Hashtag finder can make another big difference in your sales since it makes it even easier for you to reach more audience.

2. Most People Prefer Buying Products Through Instagram

If you want to increase sales, you need to go where many people love spending their time in. That being the case, as previously seen in this article, Instagram has a good follow up which make it clear that selling there is easier than in other platforms.

Research shows that more than a third of the entire Instagram users buy products through the app. Remember we have seen that there are about 800, 000,000 users each month? Well, that means quite a significant number is making daily sales.

As much as other social media networks seems to do well, Instagram, when it comes to making sales, proves to be the most powerful social media app for business owners to use to make sales.

3. The World Adores Pictures

You can attract the attention of the audience just by using photos. Studies show that many people will not read content without images but will read one with an attractive picture linked to it. Bearing that Instagram uses photos to convey information to the world; you can almost believe why only Instagram is powerful and will remain a powerful medium to increase sales. But there’s a secret.

Use high-quality images. Also, be very creative so that the pictures can be charming to your target customers. Let them speak more about what you are trying to promote.

Let them make it easy for your customers to understand your brand.

4. Instagram Ads Converts Fast

Are you worried that you just started your business and you will go bankrupt before you make any sales due to the amount of money you spend on building it? Well, Instagram Ads will turn your worries into melodies.

You see, the only trick is identifying the people who may have some interest in buying your product. After that, start an Advertising campaign targeting your ideal customers. Only ensure that you add clickable links to each of your posts and within a day, a total of 800million Instagram users will know of your (new) product and start buying it immediately. More so, Shopify and Instagram are now partnering to help you tag products to increase sales.

5. Allows Users To Run Retargeting Campaigns

Instagram, whether a new business owner or not, is a powerful medium to increase sales. Why? Because, who had some interest in your product, leave your site without buying any product, there’s an option of running a retargeting campaign.

How does this campaign help?

Here’s what Instagram says, “When someone visits your website or mobile app, then later looks at Instagram, they’ll be served an ad featuring multiple, related products from ones they were browsing on your site or app.” To many, this has made Instagram be the best social media platform to increase sales real quick.

About the Author

Habib Khan is the business associates in D.Venture that helps people to get the solid info about money, investment, the stock market and so forth. Instead, He specializes in ghost blogging over certain issues. You can connect with Habib on his website and follow him on Twitter.

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