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Key Features to Look for in a Pentest Platform for Effective Vulnerability Assessment

May 1, 2023 No Comments

By Ali Rauf

In 2025, the total amount of data created by humans will be 175 zettabytes (175 followed by 21 zeros). Everything from online video and dating apps to medical records is included in this data, and all of this information must be kept secure.

Organizations must implement cutting-edge security protocols to remain ahead of ever-changing cybersecurity threats. One such critical measure is penetration testing, commonly referred to as pentesting. Pentesting is a proactive approach to finding security flaws in an organization’s infrastructure before an adversary can exploit them. This post will delve into the essential elements and capabilities that the pentest platform should possess to ensure comprehensive and efficient vulnerability assessment.

By simulating real-world intrusions, pentest platforms help security analysts find vulnerabilities and analyze the effectiveness of present solutions. An organization’s vulnerability detection, remediation priority, and security posture may all be greatly improved by selecting the appropriate pentest platform. Therefore, understanding the key features to look for in a pentest platform is crucial for any organization that aims to maintain a strong security stance in the dynamic threat landscape.

Pentest Platform Features to Consider

While selecting the pentest platform, it is important to seek an effective vulnerability assessment tool to have the following significant characteristics:

1. Extensive and Thorough Reporting

The testing tool provided by an effective pentest platform should provide in-depth and accurate reports. Finding security holes and vulnerabilities in a network is just the beginning of penetration testing. The operator or administrator must comprehend the network’s issues while integrating with the various aspects of the software development lifecycle. It would be difficult to plan the next step without this information. If a security flaw is discovered during testing, the report should detail the issue, provide supporting evidence, evaluate the risk, and suggest a fix.

2. Access to Information About the Test Process

Customers often have no idea what is happening during a pentest in a typical penetration test. Internal stakeholders aren’t always informed of critical vulnerabilities, and corrective actions aren’t always included in the promised product. Clients should choose pentest platforms that are open and honest about their processes throughout the testing period. Time to remediation is reduced, and costs are minimized when management has full visibility into the testing process and can respond promptly to reports.

3. Integrated Scan for Potential Vulnerabilities

The majority of commercial penetration testing tools also include a vulnerability scanner, which can be found on most pentest platforms. Scanning for vulnerabilities in a system’s hardware and software helps identify weak spots that might be exploited in the future. As vulnerability scanners conduct their scanning based on a public Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) database, this database must be updated regularly. Automated application-specific scans are also a part of the scanning process.

4. The Capability of Operation on Many Systems

One of the crucial elements of a reliable pentest platform is the flexibility of its penetration testing tools. Most penetration software are compatible with Linux operating systems, and some of them are even pre-installed on the OS. But penetration testing tools are also required to examine the vulnerabilities of other devices, such as those running the Windows OS, the macOS, and Android smartphones. Consequently, there is a significant need for multi-device-compatible testing software.

5. Capabilities for Breaking through Passwords

The password mechanism is one of the most vulnerable parts of any system or network. Most people who need to protect their access to sensitive information choose the simplest possible sequence of letters and numbers. That’s why it’s standard practice for penetration testing to assess password security. Password-cracking functionality is essential for any penetration testing software offered by a reliable pentest platform. To evaluate security, they use many methods, including brute force, cryptanalysis, and dictionary attacks.

6. Response Time and Speed of the Delivery

The speed with which pentests may be finished is an essential consideration. Customers should think about how much time they have and how many tests they want to do and plan accordingly. Different pentest platforms may have different rates of delivery. Some providers have a 4-to-6-week wait period; some may charge customers more to move quickly, while others can get started in as little as 24 hours.

Final Words

The internet has developed into a necessary element of global commerce. Every business, from multinational conglomerates to mom-and-pop shops, relies on computers for routine tasks. If adequate precautions are not taken, this puts a large number of individuals in danger from malicious software, cybercriminals, and hackers. Therefore, penetration testing is necessary since even the strongest preventative systems have weaknesses.

It provides quantitative and qualitative data about the system’s security status, which is utilized in budget allocation. Manual and automated methods of conducting penetration testing are also available to ethical hackers and pentest platforms. However, automated penetration testing employs the use of dedicated software to do the same function.

Meanwhile, by considering the key features highlighted in this piece of content, organizations can choose the pentest platform to help them find vulnerabilities and improve their security measures. In order to protect their infrastructure and sensitive data from cyber attacks, organizations must increasingly prioritize investing in a holistic pentest platform.

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