Mastering the Complex Buyer Journey

By bringing together marketing and sales in a single offering, Adobe empowers companies to master complex customer journeys, nurture long-lasting relationships and measure business impact across every touchpoint of highly considered purchases. Adobe Experience Cloud customers rely on our demand marketing capabilities to identify the right prospects in B2B & B2C considered purchases, attract and keep prospects engaged over long periods of time, empower sales to drive opportunities and revenue, and measuring total impact by bringing together marketing and sales touch points. B2B marketers need lead management applications that provide for a consistent experience along increasingly complex buyer journeys that cross between digital and human touchpoints. They need to shift from linear campaign management to real-time dynamic engagement. They also need for marketing & sales to stay in lock step across the entire customer journey. And they ultimately need for marketing to clearly demonstrate impact on pipeline, revenue & customer experience.

If this use case is realized fully, customers can access their central repository of Experience Manager assets within Marketo to power web and landing pages, email, ads, and templates; they can configuring content fragments (build it once, use it multiple times); and, they can access and enrich Marketo segments within Audience Manager and connect those segments to Target to deliver consistent, targeted messages across even more channels. They can also gain full journey customer intelligence by measuring every interaction and bringing it together for richer insights and activation by leveraging Analytics data for historical and instant attribution within Marketo (Bizible). They can share Marketo segments and Bizible data with Analytics and Analysis Workbench for consolidated KPI reporting and more in-depth analysis of buyer behavior and use Analytics events to fuel Marketo triggered campaigns.
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