Middleware for the Modern Age: Tools for Making Cloud and On-Premises Systems Work Together

If you’re an executive responsible for delivering line-of-business solutions to market, then you understand the challenges. Whether they take the form of code delays due to API creation, deployment bottlenecks, or challenges around rapid scaling to meet demand, all the weight is on your shoulders.

In this white paper, you’ll learn how tools for continuous development, patterns for scaling infrastructure, resources for managing APIs, and middleware systems for deploying highly flexible application servers can help meet your goals, as well as management and market demands.

All these capabilities are introduced through the story of Amy and Mike, an application owner and an IT operations executive. Through their eyes, you’ll be able to see how tools like IBM DevOps, IBM [TBD], PureApplication, UrbanCode Deploy, IBM Cloud Orchestrator, and WAS Liberty can take you and your company to the next level across mobile, cloud, and on-premises systems.
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