On-Demand Webinar: Destroy a Fraudster’s Business Model: ATO Masterclass

Technological advancements and information sharing among criminal networks have made hacking into bank accounts an increasingly straightforward task — even for novice fraudsters.

Join Brett Johnson, Former US Most Wanted Cybercriminal turned Good Guy, and our anti-fraud experts for a deep-dive into Account Takeovers (ATO). The panel will explore the tools and services that fraudsters use to overcome enterprise-grade ATO defenses in order to profit. We’ll also debate the most effective strategies for long-term protection of accounts while still maintaining a seamless user experience.

By the end of the session, you will know:
  • The top 4 motivating factors behind account takeover attacks
  • How account takeover attacks are carried out across various industries
  • How fraudsters target network and system admin accounts to launch attacks
  • The key to keeping all login endpoints safe and secure
  • Brett Johnson, Former US Most Wanted Cybercriminal turned Good Guy
  • Kevin Gosschalk, Founder & CEO at Arkose Labs
  • Ronald Prätsch, Co-Founder & Fraud Consultant at About-Fraud

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