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Point3 Security Introduces Talent Screening Service to Assess, Identify and Upskill Cybersecurity Talent

November 11, 2020 No Comments

Featured article by Lisa Webb

Real-Time Gamified Challenges Reveal the Top Candidates for Further Consideration, and Yield Metrics That Demonstrably Help Eliminate Hiring Biases.


Point3 Security, creators of the ESCALATE platform for advanced training of cybersecurity professionals through gamified challenges, has introduced a first-of-its-kind Talent Screening service to help quickly detect whether candidates have the right skills and initiative for the employer’s requirements. The new service speeds hiring of optimal talent and helps organizations demonstrate their commitment to bias-free candidate evaluation processes.

Edwards Performance Solutions, productivity experts serving government and commercial clients, was trying to find a way to evaluate candidate’s technical skills and job competencies, yet basing a candidate pool solely on experience and credentials yielded disappointing results. They found the traditional cybersecurity candidate screening route meant wasting time on unqualified leads, and disqualification of leads based solely on resume credentials.

In searching for a technical testing tool, Point3 solved their pain points more acutely than any other solution.

“Point3 Security allowed us to not only pick someone with the right skill set, but also to assess their drive and initiative to complete the challenges,” said Brian Hubbard, Director of Commercial and Cybersecurity for Edwards Performance Solutions. “That’s the kind of leadership that we really needed. One senior person that looked great on paper was out-performed by a junior analyst. It’s like a jungle gym for pentesters.”

The new Talent Screening service is the latest addition to Point3’s ESCALATE ecosystem – a gamified, hands-on platform that helps cultivate, measure and “upskill” talent with engaging, gamified challenges that help cybersecurity professionals keep pace with the ever changing threat landscape. Capture-the-Flag (CTFs), Pentest and other challenges yield metrics that let the hiring organization assess the results of all applicants, including in-house talent, and find the best person for a particular role.

The qualities and skills that help identify a well-suited red or purple teamer are different from those of a blue teamer, which are also different from other roles. The Point3 Talent Screening service identifies these competencies and drives with new precision and timeliness. Such indicators are undetectable by more traditional methods.

Provably Unbiased Processes: The Talent Screening service helps organizations to demonstrate that their talent acquisition and promotion processes are free from human biases that can unintentionally affect hiring and promotion decisions.

“Point3 Security’s Talent Screening service prevents the inadvertent screen out of top performers due to over-reliance on outdated metrics, and it also ensures and demonstrates that unintended biases have no place in the organization’s cybersecurity talent recruitment and hiring process,” said Evan Dornbush, CEO, Point3 Security.

The Talent Screening service is a SaaS platform and is available immediately.

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