Running Apache Kafka® in 2021: A Cloud-Native Service

You know the value of Apache Kafka® and real-time data to your business. But you also know how costly and time consuming managing Kafka is to your team and your organization. Having your best people buried in Kafka ops holds you back from driving innovation and business differentiation.

The best way to free up your people and resources is to move Kafka management to a cloud service, and Confluent Cloud is the only fully-managed, cloud native Kafka service, which:
  1. Reduces your Kafka TCO by up to 60% by eliminating Kafka and infrastructure management
  2. Gets your people out of Kafka ops and back to their important projects
  3. Allows your organization to build and launch faster
Instead of dragging entire development teams into the weeds of Kafka ops, you can get clusters up and running with a few clicks — with zero management — then focus your energy on building applications and delivering real engineering value.

If you want more details about how Confluent Cloud speeds up app dev, unblocks your people, and frees up your budget —and how it compares to other managed Kafka offerings—read the free technical brief Running Kafka in 2021: A Cloud-Native Service or fill out the form to download the full technical ebook.

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