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Augmented Reality Analytics: Transforming Data Visualization

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Skills That Will Become More In Demand In The Era Of A.I.

July 28, 2020 No Comments

Featured article by Andrej, Digital Marketing Specialist


We are still in the midst of the 4th Industrial Revolution and the future of work and the role of humans in automation are still heavily debated topics. Many parts of the industry will be automated but innovation will create new opportunities and jobs. A study indicates that 65% of children will have jobs that do not exist today. Education programs have been evolving and will continue to evolve as new industries and job types are introduced. Various experts have different projections about which jobs will be automated. The opinions further vary when it comes to jobs that will come into existence due to automation.

While it may be challenging to predict exactly what new positions may be created in the future, there are skill sets that are clearly in shortage and expected to increase in demand. Here are a few examples.

1. Human Skills Relevant to A.I.

As A.I. gets more prominent, the ‘human’ skills necessary for its advancement are going to increase in demand. Developing A.I. requires skills beyond computer science, data analytics, or even software engineering. Human intervention is needed in helping artificial intelligence become more intelligent and serving greater human needs.

Natural Language Processing (NLP), for instance, is an important component of A.I. development. Many experts agree that the A.I. and neuroscience (study of the human brain) can learn from each other. Linguistics and mathematics play important roles in artificial intelligence. Understanding speech patterns and using statistical analyses to dissect and apply text patterns consistently make human-machine interactions smoother.

Computer codes such as Javascript and Python are languages humans invented in order to create brains that run the machine operations. A.I. is meant to reduce or eliminate the need for translation between how humans express their needs and demands and how machines understand and execute on such commands. Human sentiment analysis, for instance, is an A.I. technology dedicated to understanding human emotions based on the individuals linguistic expressions. A.I. can only achieve its full potential if it is able to master human psychology, language patterns, statistical analysis of unstructured data, and coding.

2. Business Management

Leadership and business management skills will increase in demand as technology further infiltrates the markets. In such a fast-changing environment, businesses will need to adapt, adjust and transform quickly. Rallying workers to continuously learn and adapt to change will require even better leadership. Thus, business administration skills are not going to be in more demand as automation improves. New business frameworks and working models tailored to managing rapid changes such as Agile and Lean Startups will become more prevalent in business education and academia. More emphasis on EQ and people management is expected amongst leaders. Retraining and upskilling will become even more important. Human empowerment will become a key differentiator between a successful business and one that cannot survive the constant changes.

3. Storytelling

Storytelling skills, using a variety of tools now available in the market, are going to be in high demand. With the rise of digital marketing, better storytelling is going to be critical in differentiating a product or service in an increasingly competitive market. In addition, automation trends have greatly reduced the need for human intervention in customer onboarding. Businesses use simple content to minimise need for customer support. The need for content is only going to increase and storytelling is key to creating effective content.

4. UX Design

As more products and websites attempt to become more intuitive, UX design is going to continue to rise in popularity. A successful company nowadays cannot innovate without listening to customer feedback. UX design is all about including customers’ input and behaviours into designing a product that they will actually use. In a world where we’re bombarded with the overflow of data and information, UX design helps prioritise your investment and focus areas. Technology unusable by humans will not achieve commercial success and that’s where UX can play a significant role.

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Andrej Kovačević

Andrej is an accomplished digital marketing specialist and an avid internet technologist. Throughout his career, Andrej has combined his passion for cutting-edge technology with a keen eye for emerging industry trends to deliver customized marketing solutions to businesses and clients around the globe. He believes that the key to modern marketing excellence is a constant willingness to learn and adapt to the ever-changing digital world.

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