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IT Briefcase Exclusive Interview: Getting the Most Out of Open Source While Managing License Compliance, Risk, and Security

IT Briefcase Exclusive Interview: Getting the Most Out of Open Source While Managing License Compliance, Risk, and Security

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The Best Products Made and Developed by Google

August 20, 2019 No Comments

Featured article by Bill Downhill , Independent Technology Author

Google 300x168 The Best Products Made and Developed by GoogleGoogle is not just a powerful searching system that allows millions of people to find any information online, but they also produce interesting, useful software and products. Currently, the team of developers continues working on many projects and updating their popular software.

The Best Products by Google That Make Your Life Easier

To be honest, it was hard to pick the list of the best products and software developed by Google. They have a solid package of different programs and utilities that help PC users to enjoy their activities in various spheres. Google Products are the most popular in the world, and it is also the reason why the largest internet company continues to dominate the market.

Google Chrome

In the era of various progressive web browsers, Google decided to provide all users with something new, more creative, and more efficient. They did not fail. One of the most popular browsers across the globe, chrome, is the main reason why many users prefer Google products to use them daily.

Google Chrome offers and delivers Internet navigation, that is fast and simple at the same time. Impossible to ignore how many features are integrated into this browser. All of them let people utilize the web by creating bookmarks, adding multiple extensions, themes, and translating web pages into different languages.

This browser features the simplest interface that includes many commands and options for comfortable Internet surfing. Moreover, users do not have any unnecessary buttons or other settings displayed on the main menu. Unlike other browser applications, with Google Chrome, users can experience a smooth activity with multiple tabs. Developers constantly release and update the browser by adding and making their product even better.


It would seem that people have enough trustable and reliable mail services to manage their emails. However, nothing is perfect. Google created its mail platform that features many unique and helpful specificities for different purposes. All you need to do is to connect or create your Google account.

The synchronization between your Google account and other devices is the reason why Gmail is so popular nowadays. The Email service by Google became the main rival for other popular services, such as Hotmail, Yahoo!, or AOL Mail. It offers endless possibilities for everyday use, and you can easily add your other email addresses to manage your personal, work, and other messages instantly. Gmail is open for various purposes, and it is possible to use it for organizations, businesses, and marketing campaigns.

no ad 300x168 The Best Products Made and Developed by Google

Google Analytics

It is impossible to build a successful business without proper data. Today’s entrepreneurs have a variety of options in terms of getting accessible data to analyze their business or marketing campaigns. When people run a new app or website, they want to know every single detail of its performance, as well as to understand what measures are required to make it better.

Google Analytics helped thousands of people to increase their business performance, maximize revenue, and get instant profits. The main feature of this product is that users can get an extensive data report, which helps them to build future strategies in order to improve sales, downloads, or traffic. It is considered to be the most helpful and efficient tool for all people who are highly engaged in marketing, advertising, and other related spheres.

The team of developers also try to improve their product by adding more features and possibilities for users.

Android OS

Desperate times call for desperate measures – thought Google and decided to make another great product that became very significant for millions of users. When Microsoft dominated the whole world with its number one product – Windows – other developers did not even have a chance to present or promote alternative operating systems.

Although Google bought the idea of Android OS in 2005, now they are responsible for many other projects that involve using Android devices and technologies. In a nutshell, Android is an advanced and modified version of Linux that includes other features of open source software. This OS is the main one for many smartphones and tablets, if they are not produced by Apple, naturally.

Since 2005, Google managed to develop and create multiple projects, where Android was the central idea. Currently, we can notice how many digital cameras, TVs, or game consoles run Android. Nowadays, aside from the endless battles of quality and performance between Android and iOS, people cannot imagine their daily activities without using this simple, yet progressive operating system.

Google Maps

Google knows everything. Google knows where to navigate you if you stuck. With Google Maps, people have endless opportunities in terms of navigation.

Regardless of your device, you can launch Google Maps and find out how to reach any street or city immediately.

Google Maps provides users with many alternatives, and it always suggests the best option for you, depending on the time of the day.

It is hard to ignore the fact that developers constantly upgrading Google maps since many features are being added at least monthly. This product allows people to get information about traffic, regardless of their region or city. Not only you can receive a bunch of options on how to reach the place, but also you can check photos of the area to know exactly where you are. People can utilize this helpful product for various purposes. If you are interested in seeing other countries without leaving your home, then Google Maps can help you easily. Type your location and drop the little yellow man to view the streets.


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