The Future is Here: Smart Electronics Designed to be Worn

Big data and wearable computing are dramatically changing the nature of human performance. For years athletes monitored their training success mainly by pulse rate and some statistically determined values like calories. But to safely increase one’s performance, that is not enough. Pulse by itself has limited meaning. You need to know the state of the autonomous nervous system, which correlates to stress. That’s the key to knowing when you’re approaching physical limits during exercise or work. ambiotex goes beyond pulse measurement to analyze the actual stress level by connecting it with pulse, respiration, speed and heart rate variability. The coherence of these values means the individual is in a “flow” condition and trains or works in a safe vital corridor. In this program, Gartner analyst Angela McIntyre and Dr. Andrea Claussen and Thomas Claussen of ambiotex look at how measuring and combining heart rate variability, respiration, pulse and movement can make a huge difference for athletes and stress workers and why wearable technologies are impacting the health, fitness and other industries.
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