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Augmented Reality Analytics: Transforming Data Visualization

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The Main Benefits of Sap Business Intelligence

November 12, 2021 No Comments

Featured article by Aleks Souschuk 

Stechies BI

To talk about SAP, we need to start with understanding the basics of business intelligence (BI). BI is a set of tools and technologies for collecting, analyzing, and processing data. BI makes working processes easier for many types of businesses. For instance, a company uses several channels to receive applications and needs to collect uniform sales statistics. Or advertising campaigns of famous brands cover several websites and you need to compare their effectiveness. All these processes require BI.

SAP BI is a complex of solutions, methodologies, and practical tools for high-quality, convenient, and quick analysis of data on the company’s activities. Each tool has its purpose, from ETL processes and an organized corporate data warehouse to tools for generating complex reporting, visualization, and planning.

There are a lot of data sources for analysis: information systems of various companies, local sources, special accounting programs, industry and specialized solutions.

If you want to expand the possibilities of effective problem solving related to business intelligence, strategy, planning, reporting, finance, or forecasting, you can’t do without SAP BI. Business owners have to understand one important thing. If they want to be competitive and successful, they need to use SAP BI in all their departments: from marketing to accounting.

The Main Benefits of Sap BI 

SAP BI has some advantages that can change all business processes and bring the company to a new level.

1. Rather simple and user-friendly interface enables uploading data into the system easily. You can work with them through visualization and convenient retrieval and analysis.

2. A uniform environment for data analysis. A modern approach to updating business processes helps to systematize and analyze information from different sources.

3. SAP BI can save time, money, and other resources. Now you don’t need to waste as much time on creating, testing, and preparing reports.

4. Possibility to see the real pros and cons of the business. A BI system knows everything about all areas and departments of your enterprise.

5. Data security. Business intelligence includes the most advanced security system for the protection of sensitive data.

6. BI allows optimizing KPI management based on financial performance analysis.

7. You can have 24/7 access to information from any location in the world quickly and easily, using any device.

8. BI allows simultaneous operational work of corporate users – all in a single information space of the module.

9. Business owners can customize access control systems. Information leakage is not a problem, because each employee can see only what they are supposed to see.

By using SAP BI in various business processes, each company can discover more advantages and find their most optimal solutions.

Nowadays, SAP has some database and data management products that can be useful for business owners. For example, Sap HANA and Database and Data Warehousing are warehouse solutions that can be combined. They come together with an intelligence platform and its instruments.

Best Application of SAP Business Intelligence

SAP BI is the most useful for large enterprises because most of their needs are taken into account. Business Objects and Analytics Cloud help to distribute necessary content for various groups of customers. If your company works with a huge amount of data and human resources to supply data with, you can use the Enterprise Planner.

If you want the integration with various data sources, use SAP BI. It can offer some useful options that save time and increase the speed of all business processes. SAP BI is a unique solution that combines methodology and practical tools for collecting and analyzing any information regardless of the scope, volume, and complexity.

Cooperating with a BI company is a possibility to reformat the business to free up time for creating new products, developing new ways to expand the client base, and increasing conversion rates. This is a good opportunity to manage business processes from anywhere in the world while having access to all data in real time.


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