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The Secrets To Creating Impressive Corporate Video Presentations

April 27, 2021 No Comments

Featured article by John Guevara, Outreach Specialist and Content Editor at Local Digital

RES SoftwareStudies show that most people are visually oriented. That’s why most companies are using videos to spread their ideas and develop an emotional connection with their customers.

Making an impressive corporate video may be difficult if you’re not an expert. Fortunately, you can hire companies like Vmation corporate video production professionals for your video needs. But if you’re working on a tight budget, you can make your own video if you equip yourself with a few tips. This article highlights the secrets of creating impressive corporate video presentations.

1. Focus On The Video’s Objective

Excellent corporate video presentations usually have cohesive messages. To come up with such messages, you must craft a detailed plan. Decide what you intend to say before facing the camera, and try to stick to the time limit. Avoid using overbearing buzz words, but also be careful not to use too much slang. Your video should establish a rapport with your viewers and help you communicate your message.

You should select a topic of presentation carefully and focus on it. Ensure that your visuals and texts relate to the subject matter to prevent your audience from being distracted by other things. To ensure that your presentation is a success, always have your viewer in mind when choosing the topic and fixing it into the slides and video.

2. Make The Presentation Short

Most people have a short attention span. They’re only active within the first few minutes of the presentation. In fact, according to AdWeek, the best YouTube videos run for about three minutes.

Your ideal target runtime will vary depending on the message you’d like to convey. However, it’s better to use concise language and more visuals to communicate your message. If you have too much information to add to the presentation than brevity would permit, it would be best to highlight them as points. Alternatively, you can ask your audience to visit sites or read books that give more information on those subjects.

3. Don’t Just Adress The Camera

People watch enough talking heads on the news. Just addressing the camera in your video presentation may make it uninspiring and boring. A good video should pique your audience’s interest.

When you address the camera looking awkward and stiff, the viewers won’t concentrate on the message but your nervous gestures. Before making the presentation, you should go through the entire script and internalize it. That way, you’ll act and look natural and avoid using distracting gestures.

To ensure you’re perfect, it would be best to practice beforehand. Some relaxation exercises before the shooting may also calm your nerves. Good corporate videos should balance conversing with viewers and using excellent illustrations.

4. Choose Your Attire Carefully

People will judge you depending on how you look and what clothes you’ve worn. The first impression you give your viewers may make them continue watching your videos or switch to other things. That’s not to mean that you should restrict your choices to formal business attire. Instead, your outfit should help you convey your message.

It would be best to use the same clothing when creating a series of corporate video presentations. Using your company’s branded uniform may even be ideal. A consistent outfit will prevent your audience from concentrating more on your clothing and help them focus on the message.

Your clothes’ colors shouldn’t be too bright or too dull because they may cause distractions. Instead, they should be neutral. Neutral colors also improve the video’s quality because they reflect less light.


Creating an impressive corporate video presentation can be easy if you have the right hacks. The focus of the video should be your audience. Your attire, objective, and video length should help you to convey your message.

About the Author

John Guevara is an Outreach Specialist and Content Editor at Local Digital. His passion for helping people in all aspects of digital marketing flows through in the services he provides to his agency and its clients.

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