The Ultimate Guide to Headless CMS

How the next generation of agile CMS options can work for you

Get the information you need to understand your current CMS options:

• A simple, concise explanation of what a headless CMS is
• How being “headless” makes a CMS agile and built for scale
• An easy-to-use checklist of key criteria to help determine if headless is right for you
• How to evaluate the sea of headless CMS vendors

Big changes are underway in enterprise content management, driven by frustration with too many CMSes and a desire to build and ship faster. With the plethora of digital channels that are available, outdated legacy CMSes are becoming huge agility roadblocks.

Headless CMSes take a different approach by storing content separately from the code used to build the presentation layer. Thus, one system can manage all of your content, no matter its destination.

This is a must-read for product managers and other content-related stakeholders who are tired of getting martech tools that don’t deliver or are too complicated to use. Get the information you need to understand current CMS options — including headless CMSes — and advocate for your needs.

Get your copy of The Ultimate Guide to Headless CMS to learn why this next generation of content management solutions is the smart choice for your business.
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