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Things you need to know about Outsourcing Software Development

June 18, 2021 No Comments

Featured article by Lizzy Marciano 


Why work hard when you could work smart and achieve even better results. This is the case with outsourcing software development. There are numerous statistics on the internet indicating that outsourcing software development is a wise decision made by enterprises of various sizes, big and small..

About 64% of the companies outsource their entire development, and a majority of them find it positive. Even big companies like Slack and WhatsApp also outsource their software developments at times.

Let’s take a look at everything that you need to know about outsourcing software development, what makes it so attractive, and what are the risks involved.

What is Outsourcing Software Development?

Outsourcing Software Development means hiring an external software company to provide you with the developing software service that you or your team could not execute due to whatever reason. This may include a particular feature development or a complete software development for your enterprise.

Benefits of Outsourcing

Outsourcing has become a common practice nowadays due to its many benefits:

1. Access to Global Talent:

With outsourcing, you can hire experts, talented individuals, and highly professional companies from around the globe. You can browse and select the one that is best suited for your work.

2. Fast Turnaround Time:

Hiring a dedicated team with specialized expertise that will take care of your project will increase turnaround time substantially. Outsourcing lets you get your product ready quickly. Do not delay your product launch due to technical issues. A software house Software Mind works diligently to meet the deadlines with quality outcomes.

3. Reduced Cost:

When you outsource, you get to save up to 60% of your cost. Maintaining your in-house team of developers is costly as you have to pay for their healthcare, retirement plans, etc., which is not the case with outsourcing.

4. More Time to Focus:

When you have a reliable team of professionals already handling your software development related tasks, you can focus on other essential things to the operation and success of your business. You get time to work on new ideas, study your competitors’ moves, and analyze and plan your next move better.


There’s no denying that outsourcing is the most flexible option out there. If the team you hired did not meet your expectations, then you can hire a new one almost instantaneously. Hire a team when you need it, and when the job is done, you can decide whether you want your next project to be handled by them or not.

Risks Involved

With this many perks, outsourcing wouldn’t be without its drawbacks and challenges either:

– The business goals are often not communicated properly when outsourcing, especially to companies from other countries. It’s necessary that whoever you are hiring understand your values and goals. Building an app or software needs to be such that it serves your purpose.

– You may lose control. Hire a reliable team who updates you with all details. This doesn’t mean you settle for the cheapest available option; instead choose a professional software house like Software Mind that gets you involved in every step.

– Poor communication. This might be a problem due to different time zones and languages, leading to low-quality outcomes as your command might not be deciphered correctly.


Hire a team that is experienced and has online testimonials from real customers. To reap the amazing benefits of outsourcing, you must hire a professional team like Software house in Softwaremind who develop the best software products with their unbeatable skills.

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