Transforming safety with immersive learning

For every company today, safety and liability are critical concerns. But putting strong safety procedures in place is more than an operational effort; it’s a human issue. Attracting the right talent and training that talent with confidence and skill, is essential to ensuring workplace safety.

Immersive learning, especially in virtual reality (VR), promises a new way: a training model that places employees in highly realistic situations — a model that doesn’t force employers to choose between safe learning and effective learning.

In this ebook you’ll learn:

• Why learning by doing is more effective than learning by the traditional methods of watching or listening
• How to train employees in real scenarios without the high cost or possible danger
• About the science behind VR-based learning and how many companies are already using it to transform their employees’ experience of learning

Download the free ebook “Transforming safety with immersive learning” to learn about the tremendous impact that companies like Walmart, JetBlue and Verizon are seeing by using VR training to learn in high-stakes and high-risk situations.
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