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Augmented Reality Analytics: Transforming Data Visualization

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Trendy Tech Innovations That Help Streamline Business Operations

January 31, 2024 No Comments

Featured article by Jenna Christine

Medicine doctor and stethoscope in hand touching Ui and icon future of medical technology.

Technology used to simply be something that felt futuristic, something that many small business owners thought they could do without, the innovations would never make sense for their needs. However, at this stage in the game it is quite obvious that the opposite is true. Technology has a place in every single business plan and operations process regardless of niche, company size, or even employee or owner aptitude.

A great example is car phones. Think about the first introduction of a mobile phone and its presence inside vehicles at its earliest stages, seemed too luxurious or even frivolous for everyday use, however fast forward only a few decades and now Bluetooth capability comes standard in almost every vehicle making it possible to remain connected while driving, whether you technically need it or not. Below are a few ways that small business owners can look to tech innovations to not only help streamline operations, but reduce costs, and stay on top of the times as well.

Automated Hiring Software

Gone are the days where you buy a pack of resume paper, type up your document, and send it off in the mail to prospective employers. For many businesses almost every element of the hiring process is done electronically and, in some cases, people are interviewing for jobs across the world from their homes and working for companies that they have never even physically set foot in. If you are curious about the reasons why you should use automated hiring software, some of the most attractive ones are saving time and money during the recruitment stage, an eco-friendlier and paperless process, and improved data analytics as they pertain to your candidate search. Automated hiring software can also mean that in theory this is a function of your operations that could be handled remotely or even outsourced. This software allows for less human power to have to focus on hiring needs resulting in increased productivity and an opportunity for more efficient screening by both applicants and hiring managers.

Fleet Management Software

You really cannot even go one day without hearing something about logistics or the global supply chain, and the companies that are major players in this industry already know that fleet management software is no longer something that is nice to have, it is essential. The addition of dash cameras with live streaming means that stationary pieces of the logistics process get to check in, get data, and monitor activity in real time. These analytics help those in management positions identify areas where processes can be tweaked to improve efficiency, driver habits can be evaluated, and even vehicle maintenance issues can be diagnosed.

The real-time benefits of fleet management software are worthwhile on their own but taking things one step further is where even more benefits can be uncovered. Creating an opportunity for managers to do virtual ride-alongs can help HR personnel develop and tweak training processes based on the specifics of your company, as opposed to working off a general template, for example. There is also an element of privacy protection for drivers which can help with any negative feelings regarding being monitored that your road team may have or develop as a result of implementing these cameras.

AI Chatbots

Artificial Intelligence is another tech forward trend that can bring some business owners pause. Especially those that have built their companies on personal attention and interaction, there is a valid fear that using AI chatbots to assist customers can cost them business. While every forward motion is going to come with both pros and cons, when implemented correctly, AI chatbots can actually increase your customer retention and build customer service strategy that is in line with the needs of today’s target markets.

You should also expect to see a reduction in your operational costs should you decide to go the route of AI chatbots. Replacing human power with chatbot power means that you are able to restructure your in-person positions in ways that better suit the needs of your business. Additionally, creating an opportunity for your customers to have their questions answered 24/7 as opposed to only during traditional business hours gives them the convenience that almost every customer in any given market so desperately craves and appreciates.

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