TruAudience Streaming Media Guide



Today, four out of every five US homes have at least one connected TV (CTV) device. Nearly 50% of all CTV viewing among the coveted 18 to 49-year-old demographic will be streamed by year end.

With the combination of digital’s precision targeting and measurement along with the premium visual medium of TV, advertisers are eager to reach consumers across connected channels.

The TruAudience® Streaming Media Advertising Guide is designed to help brands, media companies, ad tech platforms and data providers break through the noise to make the right moves and win in streaming.

Gain insight into:

  • Consumer trends across connected TV, streaming audio and gaming.
  • The keys to harnessing the power of streaming media advertising.
  • How to scale campaigns across 98% of US adults and 80 million US connected households
  • with TransUnion’s three-dimensional view of identity — covering people, homes and devices.
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