UC as a Service (UCaaS) Service Provider Scorecard: North America Excerpts

In this Scorecard we look at the top 10 UC as a service (UCaaS) providers in North America. Over the past nine years, there has been slow and steady consolidation of business VoIP providers in North America. However, despite the mergers and acquisitions, there are still a large number of UCaaS providers in the region, including traditional premises-based PBX and UC vendors, pure-plays, incumbent operators, cable MSOs, CLECs, ISPs, and system integrators. At the end of 2018, the providers that made the cut had over 500K UCaaS seats each, with over 1.3M seats at the high end. A number of providers that did not make the cut have an installed base of 150– 500K seats. Consolidation continues with each passing year, but the market still cannot sustain the large number of providers long term, so we will see further consolidation or providers closing down.
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