Webinar: How a Rideshare Giant Uses AI to Detect Business Anomalies

Lyft, a leading ride-sharing organization valued at over US$11 billion, depends on its mobile apps and backend infrastructure to run its business. Undetected problems, such as riders not being matched with rides in a timely manner, can cost the company revenue, customers, and market share. Artificial intelligence (AI) can be used to identify problems in real time without the need for manual inspection of multiple dashboards. Join our webinar to hear how Lyft and other data-driven organizations benefit from uncovering hidden insights in real time with AI solutions from Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Anodot. Learn how to prevent events that can impact your revenue and brand integrity with a solution that detects anomalies quickly, allowing you to address issues in a timely manner to help ensure a consistently high-quality experience for your customers. Join our webinar to learn: How you can use AI within your AWS environment to find anomalies in large data sets quickly, without relying on manual dashboard inspections. How to deploy an AI solution on AWS that creates instant alerts as well as robust metrics dashboards for daily data analysis tasks. How AWS and Anodot provide organizations with a secure framework for anomaly detection.
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