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What an IT engineer needs to know to get a job in today’s competitive world

August 6, 2021 No Comments

Featured article by Evelina Brown, Independent Technology Authordata keyboard 300x170 What an IT engineer needs to know to get a job in today’s competitive world

Not so long ago, all children dreamed of flying into space, and now everyone is dreaming of working with computers in the IT field. Statistics are not lying: in recent years, this area has become a tidbit in all countries.

It is no longer so easy to stand out from the rest. Now it is important to understand what you can offer the employer and what you want in return.


  • What are the current trends in the IT hiring market in 2021?

Recruiters are looking for candidates with experience and don’t look at education

Competition in the search for qualified engineers is getting tougher every year. Companies are ready to accept an employee in their staff, despite the fact that he still has an incomplete education. Experience is at the forefront now. HR managers take this step so that their competitors do not have time to lure a good employee into their staff. Therefore, everything is done extremely quickly.

According to statistics, about 80% of companies hire engineers without specialized education. Moreover, about 25% of companies employ specialists who have learned everything themselves without courses or credentials.

Companies are hunting for professionals who know programming languages ​​such as JavaScript and Java

These two programming languages ​​remain in demand to this day. Python can also be added to them.

Engineers who know these programming languages ​​are needed in more than 50% of companies.

In the field of creating the structural part of programs, developers are needed who are proficient in Node.js, React and .NETCore.

Remote work format is becoming more popular among companies

Over the past two years, there have been critical changes in the way people work around the world. In order to protect their employees and not lose them, many employers provide this opportunity.

A year ago, only about 5% of companies offered employees to switch to remote working, while this year this choice is provided by about 50% of organizations.


  • What can go wrong at an interview:

Because of these things, at the interview, you may hear the phrases: “we have already hired a person for this position”, “we will have in mind your resume when the vacancy is open”, “excuse me, but you are not suitable for us”.

1. Disagreement over salary

Everyone knows that IT specialists make good money. However, the employer must be confident that your experience and your skills will be useful to the company. And if you say from the start that I want so much and so much, then most likely you will hear that you will be denied. To begin with, you should make a deal with the employer, show yourself and your skills, and then talk about revising the salary. Moreover, in large companies, employee salaries are reviewed every six months. If you can demonstrate your importance to a given company, then no employer wants to let you go.

2. Problems with the law

Not every employer wants to deal with a person who has had some kind of wrongdoing. Everyone has ups and downs in life. Someone just loves to misbehave, while someone can get into serious trouble. In order not to spoil your life, you must use the services of professionals such as civil lawyer, dispute resolution lawyer, DUI defense lawyer and so on.

3. Lack of preparation for an interview and lack of knowledge of information about the company

An applicant who has poorly prepared for the interview often experiences self-doubt, cannot fully reveal his business qualities and show himself from his best side. In addition, he, as a rule, has poor knowledge of the company in which he intends to work, many questions cause difficulties for him.

4. Punctuality

If a candidate is late for an interview, this signals a lack of focus and inability to allocate their time. It can be very difficult to correct the first negative impression during the conversation.


  • How to interest an employer

1. Show enthusiasm

Enthusiasm has a huge impact on interview results. Companies hire people who have a keen interest in their mission.

2. Get help from your interviewer

Interviewers help candidates. They give hints, react to ideas, and usually lead the interview.

3. Talk about options

An interview for the position of a programmer usually consists of questions related directly to programming.

4. Highlight the results of your work

In this case, the optimal solution is to choose a project that has shown specific results and highlight them.

All in all, interviewing is a skill. If you’re a great programmer, great, but that’s not enough. Everyone fails an interview sometime, and proper preparation can help everyone increase their likelihood of success.

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