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Augmented Reality Analytics: Transforming Data Visualization

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What’s Next For API Integration: Survey

January 14, 2021 No Comments

Featured article by Lindsey Jenkins, Marketing Specialist at Cloud Elements


Is GraphQL the path forward?

How are “tried and true” enterprises pivoting to meet the connectivity demands of corporate customers?

And how is anyone supposed to build repeatable integrations that won’t leave you stuck in a constant rut of endpoint maintenance?

If there was ever a time for community feedback and trend gathering, it’s now.

As Covid has turned many of our worlds upside down and the future seems more unpredictable than ever, it’s important to turn back to data to affirm or discover where industry is headed. For the past five years at Cloud Elements (the API integration platform I’m proud to call my workplace), we’ve gathered insights from developers, product managers, and others to predict and evaluate yearly trends for the API integration industry.

Will you take the time to contribute? There are a few different spiffs you’ll get for sharing your insights in our survey ($10 giftcard, early access to the finished report, and for the first 200 respondents: your name published in the final version), but perhaps the greatest of all is the opportunity to contribute to the most comprehensive API industry report on the web.

Get a preview of what you might expect for the 2021 analysis with these key insights/topics from our 2020 report.

– 55.4% of respondents said that customized APIs for a specific business need were the highest integration demand from customers & partners

– The most prominent use case driving app integration was digital transformation (40.3%), with cloud app adoption coming in second (27.8%)

– 77.1% of respondents had already invested in API management infrastructure, whereas only 41.9% had invested in iPaaS solutions

– 45% of respondents cited charging for their APIs (down from 56% in 2019) – will this trend continue downward?

– It took 24% of ‘Enterprise’ respondents 90 days or more to release an API with advanced features (only 14% of ISV respondents said the same..)

Take a look at last year’s report to read more about topics such as the business of APIs, data standards, API design, and developer trends.

This year, we intend to dive back into many of the above topics along with asking some 2020-specific questions… How did Covid affect your integration strategy? Is the path forward different? We’re eager to see the responses.

Click here to take the survey and put your name on the list for early access to our 2021 report (a headstart on the insights your C-suite and competitor companies will be clamoring for as you enact your 2021 priorities and initiatives..)

The survey closes in two weeks, so participate now to ensure early access to the report.




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