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Why Should I Use Automated Hiring Software?

April 26, 2022 No Comments

Featured article by Susan Hufton  

Things have been tough for businesses in recent years, and especially in the last two years since the beginning of the covid pandemic that brought the world economies to their knees. Many businesses have closed, many have moved online, many have had to lay staff off and now things are picking up again, many are trying to hire new staff to fill the void. With so much going on, those businesses fortunate enough to still be up and running, may be running faster than they can keep up with. The number of responsibilities could be overwhelming, or just too numerous for everything to possibly get done. With so much absence due to sickness these last couple of years, with news laws and regulations for workplaces to make them safer environments and with so many staff being laid off or hired, human resource departments in particular are feeling the strain. But there is something that can help to lighten the load and make their job manageable again – automated hiring software. But what is it and in what ways can it help?

What is automated hiring software?

It is software that helps with many of the parts of the recruitment process to make life easier for you. It can include the sourcing of potential employees to begin the process. But it can do much more. It can attract the right talent, vet any interested ones, and even do the hiring for you. Resumes can be automatically screened, job listings can be posted for you, candidates narrowed down, and interviews can be scheduled for you. All you have to do is turn up for the interviews with the best suited candidates and decide who to hire.

What are the benefits to using automated hiring software?

Just by explaining what it is, you should already be starting to see just how beneficial this can be for your business. But let’s run through some additional benefits.

1. You will save money in the recruitment process

We all know hiring staff costs money. Your existing staff put many hours into advertising positions, reading through resumes, arranging interviews, having their time (and your money) wasted when people don’t show up, and then calling people to let them know whether or not they were successful. All of this is a drain on company finances when it doesn’t need to be. A lot of these tasks could be taken care of for you.

2. You will save time in the recruitment process

This has already just been touched on but obviously, if you have software that is taking care of a large part of the process for you, this is saving you and your employees valuable time that can be spent on other parts of the business.

Using the automated software also speeds up the process so if you are in a rush to hire staff but still want to make sure it is the right staff for the job, then it will also save you time in this way.

3. You will benefit from increased productivity

Again, this relates back to the time saved for your staff to focus on other things. There are no doubt many other vital parts of their role that need their attention and this allows for that. It will also give them the chance to have more time on the part of the process that needs their attention – interviewing the potential candidates.

4. It will prove to be a better experience for everyone involved

Yes, the priority is helping your existing staff to fulfill their job roles. But there are benefits for the person applying for the job too. It makes the process easier for them. It lets them know that their application is being processed, they are kept better informed of where they are up to and what is happening with their application. They will be automatically informed if their application has been unsuccessful, so they are not nervously waiting for that phone call. Many prefer being able to do everything while sat at their computer and then being able to follow each step of the way. It takes a lot of the stress out of it for them, making the whole process easier.

5. Using software means using less paper

Who doesn’t love a bit of helping the environment in the workplace? Many businesses are trying to reduce the quantity of paper they use so this is a great way of doing this. But for your business, it is a better system to use. Gone will be the days of filing cabinet after filing cabinet full of candidate resumes and interview notes, job applications and advertisements. It will all be in digital form instead, and so saving space, money and time, all while doing your bit for the environment.

6. The ability to analyse and use data for future recruitment processes

Having software doing much of the job for you means you can also have data about much of the process readily available to you too. You won’t have to sit there for long hours, creating spreadsheets and charts to analyse the good and the bad, where the most success came from, or the length of time parts of the process took. Having automated software, all of this can be done for you, giving you access to very useful information instantly.

7. You will improve the quality of your hiring process

The automated software will work with what it is that you and your business need the most. No doubt you want to be happy with your choices of hire, you want the people you hire to remain in the position (nothing says bad quality of hiring like if you can’t get your staff to stay), and you want to fill your positions quickly. All of this can be helped with the automated software.


Especially now, when companies and their employees are stretched thin, they need all the help they can get. Using automated hiring software can be a huge asset to your business, saving it time, money, and improving on the quality, all while helping the environment too. So, if you are in the process of hiring, or will be in the future, get yourself the software now and let it take the stress out of the hiring process.


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