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Why Uptime Maters in QuickBooks Hosting?

September 18, 2020 No Comments

Featured article by Terrance Morgan, Independent Technology Author

QuickBooks Desktop is the most popular software for accounting across the world. If you are somehow associated with the accounting, you must have aware about it surely. QuickBooks has very advanced features and versions that are help for business of all sizes However, in last few years, the accounting industry is going through rapid transformation with the latest technologies such as cloud computing. Accounting on cloud has become the new interest now. As a result, with all the advents of cloud technology, the services like QuickBooks Hosting are capturing the attention of a businesses. This give so many advantages to the companies in terms of unrestricted mobility, cost effectiveness and so on.

However, when you think about QuickBooks Hosting, one thing you should consider is the uptime. Simply, the uptime is a time which your QuickBooks is functional on a server or cloud. It can be calculated as

Uptime = (Total hours your QuickBooks is functional / Total hours in a year) * 100

To better understand the uptime, you must first know about the downtime and its causes. Downtime is one of the main reasons that decreases your productivity. When you are not able to complete your allotted task at a given time due to the server issue, it costs more that money to a company.

There are number of reasons that can be responsible for system to be nonfunctional.

1)     Hardware Malfunction- You can face a hardware failure issue anytime at a local system and it can affect your whole IT infrastructure for a time. Also, the hardware must be replaced manually. This cause the downtime for your organization as you are not able to operate the system for that time.

2)     Delay in QuickBooks setup- You need a team of dedicated IT professionals to resolve the issues that sometime occurs during QuickBooks setup. If it delays identifying the issue and resolve it, you will face significant downtime. Moreover, the IT person should be available all the time to respond quickly.

Besides this, there are also some cyber threats that need us to worry about. Considering all these aspects, you might get the idea about what the downtime is and how it affects your company productivity.

What QuickBooks Hosting Brings –

QuickBooks Hosting can provide a powerful solution to resolve the IT related problems that helps to increase the uptime. It is the service providers responsibility to take care of all the issues regarding hardware maintenance and IT threats when all your accounting data is on the cloud server. As the cloud infrastructure is made up of so many connected servers. the hardware malfunction won’t affect your uptime at all. Also, the service providers provide you 24*7 customer support to solve your queries at any time which results in decreasing the downtime.

Why to Choose QuickBooks Hosting Provider-

Cloud is a very potential platform for QuickBooks hosting. But if the service that is offered by the providers is not up to the mark, you may face a lot of issues. Some service providers offer 99.99 percent uptime in SLA with the very affordable Azure windows virtual desktop pricing because they bring very advanced cloud infrastructure with the customer support team. Also, the security issue should be taken care by the host. You need to see that the data center hosting your data and QuickBooks software must be a Tier 1 datacenter with redundancy in infrastructure. That means, there is a backup for every equipment such cabling and power etc. You must consider these parameters before choosing the provider to maintain your uptime. There are some other additional services like Exchange to Office 365 migration that you can consider with the QuickBooks hosting to increase your company’s productivity. Some organizations opt service provider on the affordability parameter only. However, considering the uptime as main parameter can lead your business at a next level.



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