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Why You Need a Document Management System and How Having One Can Benefit Your Operation

April 20, 2023 No Comments

By Emily Roberts

If there’s one thing that comes with the territory of business, it’s documents. Whether it’s paper or electronic, they’re essential components of any company. If your business relies on a variety of important records and documents, it can become overwhelming to keep them neat and organised. This is where document management systems come into the equation.

At its core, document management systems are a kind of software that capture, hold, retrieve, and distribute digital documents. They can also help you easily and quickly provide staff, customers, and clients with the information they require. Here we will look into the benefits of a document management system and how having one in place can benefit your brand enormously. 

Less Storage Space

For those whose office is full to the brim with paper, you’ll learn soon enough how much chaos this can cause. The cost of storing paper documents can quickly add up too. Rather than having endless cabinets, storage bins, and boxes housing these documents, using a document management system means you can have everything stored online. Document management systems are software-based, so you won’t have to worry about taking up any additional space in your office. 

Improves Workflow

Whether it’s seeking out or sharing documents, many employees have great difficulty finding what they need. As you can imagine, this can lead to a lot of inefficiencies within the business. Should you use a document management system, this can save your employees hours by storing files in an easy-to-reach place. The system acts as a centralised repository, meaning staff can find what they’re looking for quickly. They can also share files with ease and know at a quick glance how recent a document is. That simplification helps in improving workflow within the business.

Provides Document Backup and Recovery

Not only is housing physical documents expensive, but it’s also risky too. A flood, fire, or another disaster can take only take seconds to destroy years upon years’ worth of valuable information. Should this nightmare become a reality, think about the serious impact it could have on your company. If you decide to store documents electronically with the help of a document management system, you can stop this issue from ever happening. You’ll also have peace of mind that your documents are safe and secure.

Increased Productivity

In business, time is valuable. If you’re a business owner, you’ll want to be as productive as possible from the start of the working day till the end. One of the key benefits of a document management system is the time you will save. More efficient and quicker document retrieval can enhance staff morale and boost client satisfaction. As well as implementing a document management system, there are tools you can use to compress PDF. Smallpdf can help you with this. They have all the tools you’ll require to begin, manage, and complete your work with digital documents. 

Enhanced Security

Document security is mandatory for businesses of all shapes and sizes for keeping sensitive data protected. A document management system offers tighter control over sensitive documents, as well as access to documents. You have full control over who can access confidential documents. There is also an audit trail left regarding who has accessed a document when they viewed it, and whether it’s been modified. You can have automated alerts sent to your phone so you can always be kept in the loop.

Grants Wider Access to Documents

One of the major challenges with paper documents is they can only be in one place at one given time. While there may be the option to create more copies, this isn’t always secure or efficient. If you choose to use a document management system to manage documents, anyone who needs access can be granted it. This also reduces the need of having to wait for someone else to finish with the document. What’s more, employees can click on these forms from numerous devices like a laptop, desktops, or mobile phones. To put it simply, document management systems make sure everyone who requires access to documents has it.

Promotes Better Version Control

Even for businesses who have switched to digital to store documents, it can still be tricky to determine whether the document you are looking at is the newest version. Many employees struggle with version control which can inevitably lead to disorganisation and confusion. The good news is a document management system stops these headaches by tracking edits and offering a document history. This means you can check what changes have been made and always have access to the newest version. 

Improved, Quicker, and More Flexible Search

A document management system can retrieve a file by simply putting in a phrase or word. This is known as a full-text search. When compared to physical documents, it’s simply impossible to perform the same action. Document management systems can also apply singular or several categorisations or taxonomies to a document or folder that allows documents to be stored and classified in more than one way. 

No Lost Files

Should you ever lose a document, you will know only too well how expensive and time-consuming it can be to replace it. What’s more, your stress levels can go through the roof! If you decide on using document management software, you can be confident in the knowledge any important documents stay firmly where they are. This means there’s never any risk of losing something highly sensitive, such as a customer’s financial information. Using a document management system also instils faith and trust from customers and clients. 

Managing poorly organised paper or digital documents can result in inefficiencies that cost your company time, money, and stress. Opting for a quality document management system that meets your unique requirements will nip these problems in the bud. When you implement a document management system into your operation, you will have the option to replace paper documents and be assured your important data and information is kept firmly safe and secure. 

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