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Augmented Reality Analytics: Transforming Data Visualization

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Why You Need A Reliable VPN When Travelling for Business

February 23, 2021 No Comments

Featured article by Rob Teitelman


Many small business owners live by their laptops. This means that when they travel, their laptops become their office away from the office. When travelling and working at the same time, the last thing you need to add to your plate is the problem of secure Internet access. Using a VPN will certainly help make accessing the Internet safely and protecting yourself from threats a much smoother experience — for several reasons.

1. Protecting Your Information from Theft

As you travel, you may have to remotely gain access to your business’s private servers, both for sending or retrieving data. When you’re accessing data from your business’s private servers, a VPN will encrypt the data you’re sending and retrieving, making it unreadable to anyone who’s trying to steal your business information. Accessing the Internet through VPNs will also keep your business’s private servers from being exposed directly to the Internet.

2. Accessing Public Wi-Fi Safely

You will likely be accessing public Wi-Fi as you travel, likely from the hotel you’re staying at. Public Wi-Fi is generally unsecured and easy to hack by anyone with the (surprisingly simple) know-how. This means any information you send is readable to anyone who wants to do so. By encrypting that data with next generation VPN technology, you can more safely use public Wi-Fi without exposing sensitive data.

3. Accessing Banned Sites

Several countries around the world restrict, or outright ban, access to certain websites or online activities, which can severely hinder your ability to work with up-to-date information. A VPN bypasses this by assigning you an IP address that makes it seem as though you’re located in a country with less Internet censorship. This means that, while you may physically be in a country where Internet access is restricted, you can still access banned sites.

4. Saving Yourself Some Money

Some online retailers will sell you products at different prices, depending on where in the world the site thinks you’re from. This is especially important when it comes to booking hotel rooms and flights, since locals are sometimes charged a cheaper price for the same service. Changing your IP address can potentially help you get the best deal possible. Just remember to clear your cookies beforehand, as cookies can reveal your real location through your previous browsing behaviors.

5. Opening Up Your Online Entertainment Possibilities

Sites like Netflix and Hulu will offer different movies or shows, depending on your region. In addition, some videos will deny you viewing privileges because of your geographical location. This is called geo-blocking. By changing your location through a VPN, you will be able to get around geo-blocks. This means you can now access shows and videos only available to certain regions of the world.

Which VPN Service Should I Sign Up For?

When choosing a VPN service, always find one that is reputable and widely recommended. “Free” VPN services still come at a cost: they slow down your system, steal your data, and barrage you with advertising and malware.

Always choose a VPN service that promises data security, fast Internet speeds, and excellent customer service for a nominal fee.

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