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Augmented Reality Analytics: Transforming Data Visualization

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Why Your IT Department Needs a Ticketing System

September 16, 2020 No Comments

Featured article by Justin Weigner, Independent Technology Author

ticketDoes your IT department struggle to stay on top of issues and requests? Do orders get lost in translation or sometimes go missing entirely? The need for ticketing varies by organization, but every IT department can benefit from using a ticketing software. IT ticketing tools ensure that end-user needs are always kept in an organized fashion; this reduces stress from poor organization on your team, enabling staff to work more methodically. What matters most in implementing a system is choosing tools that enhance rather than impede your existing structure. Learning more about why you could benefit from IT ticketing software will help you specify which features and scale of a system you could benefit the most from.

Increase Response Times

One of the most frequent complaints IT departments face is delayed responses. Customers need their problems addressed as quickly as possible, but without proper documentation and ticketing, prioritization can leave many requests pushed to the end of the queue. When this happens, your company’s reputation suffers. Even if people are satisfied with their eventual solution, the time they spend waiting for it can negatively impact their experience to the point they never request your help again. A free system handles many of the mundane, administrative tasks that slow down work. Your team can focus more intently on responding to each request rather than organizing, sorting and filing them.

Reduce Margin of Error

Tickets provide descriptions and relevant client details that lead to less confusion and common mix-ups. IT techs who work on multiple cases each day can naturally mistake one client’s information for another’s, which leads to inaccurate diagnosis or even entirely wrong solutions. You don’t want your clients to be the one who spot your staff’s errors and ticketing tools give your techs an overview of problems that allow them to provide greater support with less mistakes. Customer interaction is fundamental to successful IT integration, but this is often overlooked by companies who are invested in tech. Some believe that as long as a problem is dealt with, their job is done, but this isn’t the case; when you fail to relate to and understand your customers’ needs, the quality of your work suffers. Mistakes that can be linked to disorganization or inattention only cost your business more time, money and customers in the long run.

Clarify Job Parameters

Some IT departments struggle with establishing a strict hierarchy; when the majority of your department’s staff hold equal positions, distinguishing individual responsibilities can be a challenge. A free ticketing system from this site here can help your IT staff understand their jobs better and structure their own task lists. Job performance increases along with satisfaction as employees feel a greater sense of purpose. Rather than riding on another’s coattails or picking up leftover work, each employee will know which tickets to respond to and respond to those expectations accordingly. Increased clarification also means more jobs are appropriately handled by the most competent staff members. Rather than having problems mishandled and eventually escalated to already over-encumbered, senior-level employees, free ticketing software makes it easy to review and assign tasks to the most skilled technicians.

Increase Profit

Higher quality work and faster turnaround times naturally lead to more satisfied and returning customers. As your IT team improves their work and favorable reviews follow in their wake, you’ll be able to tackle more work in the same amount of time while attracting new business. Ticketing tools are designed to help you accommodate business growth without being overwhelmed. They also prevent returning customers from being cast aside as your business struggles to satisfy an influx of new clients. It can be a challenge to balance existing projects with new jobs, but tickets ensure everything is always kept in place and updated as needed. Your team will be able to more easily prioritize projects, multitask and quickly respond to new tickets without compromising the quality of their work.

Automate Record Keeping

Decrease email clutter, and improve your team’s overall record system by using ticketing tools to automatically update, file and organize different jobs. Ticketing software can do everything from add alerts and notifications to jobs, update statuses and organize completed tickets in seconds. Your IT department will spend far more time helping customers rather than sifting through documents, inputting data and updating files. This improved record keeping also serves as a beneficial point of reference; when an IT tech is working with a returning client, they can access their history in the system and see exactly what was done before. As a result, their solutions will be based on prior knowledge and more likely to succeed rather than a shot in the dark or mere repetition of previous advice.


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