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Augmented Reality Analytics: Transforming Data Visualization

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7 Tech Tools for Improving Your Writing Skills

February 21, 2018 No Comments

Featured article by Emma Jones, content writer at TechsCrunch

It’s nothing worst then poorly written content. Editing your own content isn’t a good option but if you can use the tool for it then you can improve the quality of the content. Using tools will not only enhance your writing skills but save time as well. These tools will automate the process and let you know about the errors which you can correct manually or the tool itself will correct the errors. This will make your work easier and help you to present the papers or articles error-free whether you are a blogger or freelance writer. There are many tools which are free to use and some are paid ones. In this post, check out the seven tools for improving your writing skills.

1. Grammarly

It is the best tool for correcting the grammar of your essay, article or blog. It ensures that everything is handled as per highest standards. This is crucial especially if you are writing for the business. This tool is helpful in making the business writing professional and appealing. The one thing which you don’t want in your writing is mistakes so this tool makes sure that it is perfectly flawless and polished. The best thing it is free and instantly checks the grammar, eliminates errors and enhances the writing skills.


If you have a busy schedule then you can take the advantage of this particular tool. It is an easier way to create a perfectly amazing story without much stress on yourself. The tool comes with the free version of Scrivender which can make your task easier. It is the powerful content generation tool which allows concentrating on structuring and composing long and difficult documents. Apart from it, you will be provided easy step by step guide to preparing business plans as well as another important documentation.


No one likes to proofread. When you have too much to write then one thing you hate the most is proofreading. This tool is perfect for proofreading and correcting all errors. The editorial team at doesn’t give any chance to do the job better than you. The solution is affordable, reliable and provides high-quality results and there isn’t a lot that you need to ask for.

4. Wridea

This tool will help you in the initial stage of writing. You can pen down the ideas into the tool. First of all, organize your thoughts and idea properly into the table and make them easy to follow. It’s free and you can work on all your ideas throughout the usage provided by the platform. You can, in fact, invite your friends so that you can organize their thoughts as well in the single tool. You can write the ideas of essays using this tool. Buy an essay if you have trouble writing the essay and gathering ideas about it.

5. Dragon Diction

Dragon diction is the great app to allow you to speak instead of write and the app will automatically transcribe it for you. This is helpful when you have to multitask and you can easily speak out and the app can write it for you due to voice recognition feature. This way you can handle business writing communications as well as the personal notes at a convenient place. It helps to save a lot of time and work can be done easily.

6. PaperRater

PaperRater is the online document checker tool that analyzes the files 24/7. This includes spelling check, grammar checking, proofreading, style and also detects the plagiarism. It is the best available tool for grammar and proofreading for the students, freelance writers, and bloggers. This powerful multi-tasking tool can provide you the pleasure of having properly checked grammar and corrected text. It rates your article or essay which helps you to enhance your writing skills.


This is a convenient tool on how to improve your writing skills. It has integrated software which can turn your writing into perfect writing. The most important thing you can do with this tool improves the readability and handle different errors with this particular tool. The best thing is it is free to use and basically has an online editor which help to correct the grammar and ensure everything is properly handled.

Wrapping it up!

The point is you can’t afford to look bad when it comes to writing. Tools are something you should take into account and make sure that it is worthwhile. You should be flawless as your writing is the representation of your business and way to get new clients. So start utilizing the tools mentioned above and be error free.


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