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BullGuard Releases Fully Loaded Premium Security Solution

June 10, 2013 No Comments

SOURCE: Bullguard

BullGuard, a leader in user-friendly PC and mobile security solutions for consumers, will be providing a much needed premium security software suite – a solution designed to protect Internet users’ online presence and private information. BullGuard Premium Protection provides a highly efficient and innovative approach to online security: Thorough PC protection alongside 24/7 online monitoring of users’ personal details and social media accounts, to protect against identity fraud and potential threats looming on social networks.

The BullGuard Premium Protection solution is the first product in the industry for a service that was long overdue. In addition to identity and social media protection which allow personal and financial information to be monitored, BullGuard Premium Protection features all of the offerings included in BullGuard Internet Security 2013, which offers award-winning antivirus protection, tougher resistance against online intruders, intercepts viruses based on how they behave on a computer, walls off cyber hackers and thieves, and warns users of websites harboring malicious code before they click.

Identity fraud is a real problem, and not just because it has become a popular buzzword. People simply cannot control what is happening to their private information once they enter it online.  Until BullGuard’s Premium Protection, there has been no reliable way to know when one’s information can be used online. Every day, people enter information from the seemingly innocuous – their name and email address, to the more substantial – home address, phone number, date of birth, credit card information, bank accounts, even social security numbers. Websites ask for this information in order to provide needed services. If one such site gets hacked, or if the website is less scrupulous than it should be, that information can be traded on the black market or made public.

BullGuard Premium Protection tracks users’ personal information to see if it has been stolen or compromised. The security program can look throughout the Internet for a user’s pirated private information and can find hacked data that might only exist on the dark web.

BullGuard Premium Protection offers unparalleled social media protection, which allows parents to protect their children, who can be especially susceptible to online predators. Without being overbearingly intrusive, parents want to be informed if their children are exposed to any type of social threat. Maybe a child accepted a friend request from someone they don’t know, or someone much older, or someone who seems suspicious – this is the kind of information that parents want to be notified of. Premium Protection offers parents the knowledge they need without necessitating an awkward moment when their child feels like they’re being spied on.

The revolutionary social media protection solution features a dashboard web interface that is accessed by the account holder, and also offers a Facebook application connected to this interface. Children will enjoy the attractive app, while their parents will attain information about their overall privacy settings, and those of their friends.

The solution is especially convenient as it can run without the computer being turned on. If a child does something from their mobile device or from a friend’s computer it will still be monitored and logged. Additionally, if a user’s credit card information is stolen offline – from a cash machine or ATM, for example – BullGuard will still be able to alert once their information appears on the dark web.

“There are a myriad of ways for attackers to get a hold of unsuspecting users’ data. BullGuard Premium Protection keeps an eye out for your personal information, searching for it in all the dark corners of the Internet to see whether someone other than you is using it. Our online services continually monitor the web, social networks and sources of stolen or compromised data in order to alert users whenever potential misusage of their private info is detected,” said Alex Balan, Head of Product Management for BullGuard.

Additionally, users’ storage space will be increased to a whopping 25 GB allowing users to save money by avoiding a much more expensive stand-alone online storage plan.

For additional information, please visit

About BullGuard

BullGuard specializes in PC & mobile security solutions for consumers and small businesses, emphasizing technical excellence, ease-of-use and customer-care. BullGuard is committed to providing cost-effective, integrated security solutions that provide users with first-class protection from malware for their computers and mobile devices.

BullGuard has offices in the US, United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, Australia, Benelux, Romania and Denmark.

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