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Dynamic Hybrid Agency, Mixed Digital, Leverages Social Media and Search Engine Marketing to Attract a Unique, One-of-a-Kind Client Roster

November 6, 2012 No Comments

SOURCE: Mixed Digital

(New York, NY)– Leading digital marketing firm, Mixed Digital, blends social media and search engine marketing expertise with a complex understanding of cross channel web analytics to develop a roster of innovative and diverse clients.

Veteran digital marketers, Mark Simmons and Mike Coughlin launched Mixed Digital in February 2009.  The company now has a growing presence in Durham, Boston, and New York City.

Sensing an increase in demand for cross-channel digital marketing services, Mixed Digital has now expanded its social media and search engine marketing services to leverage the power of web analytics and the natural synergy of these two channels that most boutique agencies lack.

“As veterans with deep roots in the SEM space and growing expertise in social media, we saw the increasing demand to look at multi-channel attribution.  After reviewing extensive industry research, we realized that last-click attribution, the most common measurement model used by digital marketers, undervalues social media’s role in engaging customers earlier in the buying process.  That said, we felt it only made sense to offer both Social Media Marketing and SEM in an integrated approach.  The two channels cannot be managed in silos.  They must be managed together,” said Mark Simmons.

With a clientele spanning a variety of industries including entertainment, healthcare, lifestyle, and luxury brands, Mixed Digital approaches digital marketing from a holistic perspective.  The company’s diverse clientele includes innovative and cutting-edge companies, such as, Arrive Chic, ZYR Vodka, and Target Logistics.

With more than 13 years of general marketing and nine years of digital marketing experience, Mark Simmons holds a bachelor’s degree from Duke University and is co-founder of Mixed Digital.  He specializes in paid search, SEO, and social media marketing.  Prior to launching Mixed Digital, Mark developed his expertise by working for some of the largest and well-known digital marketing agencies in New York City.  Throughout his career, he has worked with some of today’s most notable and well-respected brands, including BMW and SAP.

Mike Coughlin is a Boston University graduate and a managing partner in Mixed Digital.  Mike has a decade of digital marketing experience, specializing in social media strategy, paid search management, and web analytics consulting.  Over the course of his career, Mike played a pivotal role during the high-growth stages of a NYC-based start-up, search engine marketing agency while also working as a digital marketing consultant across multiple industries and brands.  Prior to becoming a partner at Mixed Digital, Mike worked on a wide variety of accounts in multiple industries including, Sony Music and Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts.

Mike Coughlin said, “As the digital space continues to evolve, we see it as Mixed Digital’s mission to stay on top of the latest trends.  Without an evolving strategy and an ability to look across channels, we wouldn’t be able to demonstrate the utmost value to our clients.”

Currently, Mixed Digital offers cutting-edge solutions in social media, paid search, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and web analytics consulting.  With the ever-increasing demand for mobile marketing solutions, Mixed Digital is rapidly developing a mobile marketing division in the near future.

About Mixed Digital

Launched in 2009 by visionaries and digital marketing experts, Mark Simmons and Mike Coughlin, Mixed Digital has become a premier digital marketing agency on the East Coast.  Mixed Digital offers services in social media, search engine marketing,  web analytics, and public relations.  The company’s current clients include, Target Logistics, and ZYR Vodka.  For more information, visit  Like them on  Join the digital marketing conversation on @mixeddigital.

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