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Fujitsu Releases Software Supporting the Utilization of Big Data

May 31, 2012 No Comments

SOURCE: Fujitsu

Commercializes cloud-based technologies for on-premise systems

Tokyo, April 23, 2012 — Fujitsu today announced the development of new software offerings that help customers utilize big data. The new products consist of two product families: a line of parallel distributed processing and complex event processing products—which are standard technologies in big data applications—and a line of products to employ big data in a wide range of uses. Fujitsu plans to gradually roll out the new products worldwide.

The new offerings include two new products: Interstage Big Data Complex Event Processing Server V1, which is a complex event processing solution, and Interstage eXtreme Transaction Processing Server V1, an extreme transaction solution. Furthermore, Fujitsu is releasing an enhanced version of its Symfoware Server V11 database solution.

Delivered as on-premise software for even greater convenience, these new products represent a commercialization of the technologies and operational know-how honed by Fujitsu through its world-leading cloud services for utilizing big data, Data Utilization Platform Services(1). In addition to enabling high reliability and performance by incorporating many proprietary Fujitsu technologies that boast a strong track record in mission-critical systems, the solutions can be easily deployed and operated. They can also be combined with products from other vendors, including open-source software, to build ecosystems(2) that support customers in using big data.

Through its portfolio of cloud services and on-premise solutions, Fujitsu strives to meet diverse big data usage needs while contributing to customers’ businesses.

The newly available software products will be on exhibit at Fujitsu Forum 2012, to be held on Thursday, May 17 and Friday, May 18 at the Tokyo International Forum in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.

In recent years, the spread of technologies like smartphones, tablet devices and other smart devices, as well as various kinds of sensors and IC tags has caused the amount of data produced in our daily lives to grow at an explosive pace. At the same time, many companies are keen to use big data in their business activities. This includes, for example, discovering trends and predictions from various logs and data sources, and then leveraging this information in new business areas or to improve existing operations.

In systemizing its software offerings for big data, Fujitsu will gradually roll out products worldwide that enable big data to be utilized in enterprise information systems and mission-critical systems.

Features of the Big Data Software Products

1. Streamlined setup and operation(3)

The new products offer setup and operation features based on Fujitsu’s software technology, making software operation simple and worry-free. The products offer even easier and more convenient open-source technologies thanks to the setup feature, which enables easy deployment and configuration, and the operation feature, which ensures easy operation, such as for integrated monitoring and batch operations.

2. Enabling high reliability and high performance through technologies developed from mission-critical systems

The new products incorporate highly reliable, high-performance proprietary Fujitsu technologies based on a strong track record in mission-critical systems. Through unique technologies such as Fujitsu’s PRIMECLUSTER(4) distributed file system, Interstage Shunsaku Data Manager(5) —high-speed filter technology for scoping events—and Primesoft Server(6) high-speed in-memory data management technology, the products allow for worry-free, highly dependable processing performance, while reducing the per-unit data cost, which in turn lowers costs for large transaction volumes.

3. Building ecosystems that combine partner products and open-source software

The new products employ an open interface that is compatible with many major tools for using big data. By enabling compatibility with products from partners, including Informatica PowerCenter(7) and open-source software packages such as Apache Mahout(8), Fujitsu will incorporate these products to build ecosystems that are customized to meet the needs of customers’ business operations. Going forward, Fujitsu plans to gradually expand its support for other products.

Overview of the New Products

1. Highly reliable parallel distributed processing – Interstage Big Data Parallel Processing Server V1 (available since February)

Interstage Big Data Parallel Processing Server is a parallel distributed processing software platform that enables improved data reliability by combining the Apache Hadoop open source big data parallel distributed processing platform with Fujitsu’s own proprietary distributed file system. At the same time, by sharing files between servers, the software eliminates the need for transferring data, thereby allowing for improved processing performance. Furthermore, the setup feature enables short turnaround for system deployment.

2. Easy-to-use complex event processing – Interstage Big Data Complex Event Processing Server V1 (new)

Interstage Big Data Complex Event Processing Server is a complex event processing software platform that uses Fujitsu’s proprietary high-speed filter technology to automatically scope large volumes of events and compare them with the system’s master data files, thereby making it possible to quickly identify important events. Scoping rules for the high-speed filter can be defined using brief, easy-to-understand descriptions that include names and terminology used in normal operations.

3. Highly reliable, high-speed extreme transaction processing

  • Interstage eXtreme Transaction Processing Server V1 (new)
    This extreme transaction processing software has a proven record in Fujitsu’s Primesoft Server high-speed in-memory data management solution for supporting ultra-mission-critical systems. It enables high-speed processing through in-memory distributed cache technology, while also ensuring high reliability by safeguarding data using a redundant configuration of up to three layers.
  • Symfoware Server V11 (enhanced)
    Using parallel I/O technology optimized for SSD memory(9), Symfoware Server rapidly stores large volumes of data at up to 10 times conventional speeds. Moreover, this highly reliable database employs high-compression technology to compress data to 1/5 its original size, thereby supporting extreme transaction processing for high-performance OLTP.

4. High-precision analysis and forecasting – Interstage Business Analytics Modeling Server (Scheduled for release in the second half of FY2012)

This software leverages Fujitsu’s world-class proprietary machine translation technology to interpret Japanese text and perform high-precision analyses and forecasts by linking events in chronological order. Using over thirty data analysis processing modules that support parallel distributed processing, it is possible to quickly perform advanced analyses and forecasts.

Click here to view original press release including product availability and pricing in the Japanese market

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