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How GoodData Helped Marketron Win New Business

March 1, 2013 No Comments

The following Powered By guest blog comes from Tony Gaughan, CTO at Marketron, the media industry’s leading provider of business software solutions and services.

How GoodData Helped Us Win New Business

When I started working with Marketron more than two years ago, we were in the process of finding a solution that would help us maximize the information that we could cull from our data. Eighty percent of the $15 billion in U.S. radio advertising spend flows through our solutions. We were sitting on a wealth of knowledge. We wanted to pull it into new services for our customer base.

A Specific Solution for Big Data

Our business model involves providing a rollup of a number of different products to each customer, customized according to their needs. Even though we provide a variety of offerings, we needed a specific kind of solution for managing our data. Our more than 7,000 clients range from small mom-and-pop radio stations to large media organizations like Cox and Univision. We wanted a single service that could address everyone’s needs, no matter the type of organization.

Our criteria for selection reflected common needs for companies looking for an analytics solution. We needed to a platform-based approach that would scale, combine different channels (including video and mobile) and traffic solutions. We also wanted to streamline and simplify our reporting, but in a service that included more capabilities than we’d had before.

A Common Thread

In searching for our own solution, I was able to devise a more general checklist that could apply to anyone looking for an analytics solution. Here are some of the things to look for:

– Apps that could scale and perform complex functions while appearing inside of a simple interface.

– Customers should have an easy way to see their data, both in aggregate and in detail.

– The software should be in a platform, so that it can rationalize information across different data sources and put that information into consistent reports.

– Services should be able to address multiple channels, including mobile content and social media. In our case, we operating in the growing space in which various media plays, such as visual and mobile, are combined with broadcast.

– Data from other traffic solutions  should be ingested into our platform and be reported in aggregate.

– An added bonus is the ability to offload reporting from an operational system into a warehouse approach.

We discovered that GoodData was pre-built with these capabilities, offering us a much wider claim to market out of the box. The types of reports, dashboards and capabilities offered by GoodData gave us the flexibility we needed to address all of our customers.

Our Insight feature, which uses GoodData, enables companies to consistently see all of their data across their entire organization. This feature alone had the unexpected benefit of winning us more business, because it filled a need that clients were hungry for.

We know that we made the right choice in selecting GoodData.

To join GoodData’s partner program, find out more here.

About Tony Gaughan
As chief technology officer at Marketron, Tony Gaughan is responsible for the company’s product strategy and roadmap, including development, quality assurance and delivery and technology strategy and architecture. Gaughan brings more than 20 years of product development and executive management experience in the technology industry. Prior to joining Marketron, Gaughan founded and was chief executive officer for serenhipity, a mobile social networking company. Prior to serenhipity, Gaughan was senior vice president and chief products officer at SGI, formerly Rackable Systems. At SGI, Gaughan led the company’s overall product vision and development.

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