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Joyent Announces the Global Cloud Network for Mobile-First Markets

August 13, 2012 No Comments

SOURCE:  Joyent

A Mobile-First Carrier Alliance Standardized on Joyent’s SmartDataCenter, Node.js & GCN Solutions to Deliver Mobile Cloud Infrastructure Globally to Billions of Consumers

San Francisco August 7, 2012– Joyent, the high-performance cloud infrastructure company, today announced the launch of the Global Cloud Network (GCN), an alliance of Mobile Carriers who run their Mobile Clouds and IaaS on Joyent’s data center fabric.

Global Cloud Network responds to the explosive growth of mobile devices in emerging markets like Brazil, Russia, India and China as well as the mobile-first markets of Africa, India and Indonesia. Today, mobile-first carriers in emerging markets are facing unprecedented scaling challenges with billions of real-time, data-intensive, and latency-sensitive mobile transactions hitting their networks. These carriers require the ability to deliver high-performance, highly secure mobile cloud infrastructure services to meet the demands of today’s user-intensive mobile, web and mission-critical machine-to-machine applications, all requiring a new class of cloud infrastructure.

The Global Cloud Network offers the cloud computing equivalent of the airline industry’s Star Alliance program, bringing together top global service providers unified under a common set of APIs with common down stack reliability, delivering the only industrial grade cloud that meets the new requirements of today’s applications worldwide.  As a result, cloud-dependent businesses, including mobile app vendors, game developers, online retailers and platform-as-a-service (PaaS) providers, can reduce risk while expanding their addressable market by offering mobile apps, online games and storefronts reaching markets exceeding a billion mobile users and a rapidly mounting surge of connected devices.

“With the shift to a device-based economy, it is critical that there is a standard in place for high performance cloud infrastructure on a global scale to support this next wave of mobile computing,” said Jason Goecke, president of Voxeo Labs. “It is encouraging to see innovative companies, like Joyent, pushing this standard forward to support what is becoming a largely mobile first economy.”

As part of today’s announcement, Joyent is also announcing its top Strategic Alliance partners for the GCN.

The GCN is built on the foundation of Joyent’s data center fabric, the first complete software stack designed to deliver 99.9999% availability and bare-metal performance in cloud infrastructure services operating at scale.  With coverage across North America, Europe, Africa and India, and multiple markets in Asia coming online this year, companies will now have a trusted source for global cloud infrastructure and an easy way to spin up and manage today’s demanding applications worldwide.

“Brought on by the massive shift to mobile computing, organizations around the world are being challenged to unleash the full potential of mobility in a scalable and cost-effective manner, without compromising on corporate security and compliance,” said Lee Cocking, VP of Corporate Strategy at Fixmo. “By partnering with Joyent, a clear leader in highly secure and scalable cloud infrastructure, we can deliver turnkey solutions for mobile and bring your own device (BYOD) security that take full advantage of the Joyent high-performance cloud infrastructure and Fixmo’s defense-grade mobile security and risk management solutions.”

Customers leveraging the GCN to run their web and mobile applications gain peace of mind by depending on local service providers with established brands associated with quality, reliability and decades of experience delivering localized services to their markets.

“Voxer requires a cloud infrastructure stack with tools, performance, and resiliency to provide our users a better experience of our push-to-talk mobile application,” said Matt Ranney, Founder and CTO, Voxer. “We looked at all of the leading cloud infrastructure providers and found that Joyent was the only service that met the requirements of our real time and rapidly growing mobile application.  By extending this service into multiple global markets, Voxer has more options for growth and can deliver better performance to our users anywhere in the world.”

Customers of the GCN will leverage competitive advantages not available from any other set of cloud infrastructure providers:

  • Common set of APIs across the world’s largest mobile and cloud service providers
  • The most modern, efficient architecture delivering 30-50% savings in all-in price vs. utilization comparison to traditional cloud infrastructure providers
  • Unmatched, bare metal performance that is 2 to 14 times faster than traditional cloud infrastructure providers
  • Superior security that surpasses other multi-tenant virtualization solution by providing the only double-hulled virtualization infrastructure based on Joyent’s cloud infrastructure and single-customer exclusive “containers”
  • Unmatched visibility and control through Cloud Analytics that measures latency of every individual function throughout the application stack, from the kernel through to the edge of the network
  • Open engineering amongst members, collaborating on a unified Product & Engineering Roadmap to advance the foundational software and value-add solutions
  • Local service delivery from incumbent service providers with trusted brands and a deep understanding of regional business practices and market conditions

“Joyent’s Global Cloud Network is improving the access, distribution and quality of cloud applications, services and content – especially to emerging and rapidly growing Mobile First regions of the world.  It’s helping to lower the cost of software and content distribution by solving currency, language and service quality issues,” said Jason Hoffman, founder and CTO of Joyent. “The service providers who have joined Joyent to offer a new class of high-performance and industry-leading ROI public cloud services will fuel a new wave of business innovation and economic growth around the world.”

About Joyent
Joyent is the high-performance cloud infrastructure company, offering enterprises and developers the best public, private and hybrid cloud infrastructure for today’s modern user-intensive web and mobile applications. delivers public cloud services to some of the most innovative companies in the world, including LinkedIn, Voxer, and ModCloth. Node.js, the open source server-side JavaScript project stewarded by Joyent, provides developers and enterprises such as Microsoft, Walmart and Sabre with the most powerful runtime for developing data-intensive, real-time apps. Joyent is also the key contributor to and sponsor of Joyent SmartOS, an open source project dedicated to the complete, modern operating system.  Joyent’s data center fabric orchestrates the Company’s technologies into a cohesive, reliable and distributed system that can stand up to the compute demands of the modern world. A global ecosystem of leading technology partners assists Joyent in enabling customers to leverage the performance, scalability, reliability and security inherent in the Company’s cloud solutions. For more information, visit

Joyent Media Contact
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Phone: 408-975-3084

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