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Lumeta Launches Production-Ready Solution to Bring Continuous Cyber Situational Awareness to Networks

October 1, 2013 No Comments

SOURCE: Lumeta

Somerset, NJ – October 1, 2013 Lumeta Corporation, the pioneer in network discovery, visualization and network leak detection solutions, today announced the general availability of IPsonar ESI, an enterprise security intelligence solution. Through continuous monitoring, IPsonar ESI performs real-time discovery of every connection and device on a network. It delivers real-time alerts, mapping and network security analytics providing IT professionals with cyber situational awareness of their enterprise infrastructure.

Many public and private sector regulations require continuous monitoring of security controls to ensure that boundaries around sensitive network data and assets are secured.

“In today’s environment of widespread cyber-intrusions and advanced persistent threats, as well as networks that are in a constant state of change, it is essential for government agencies and commercial enterprises to have real-time accurate intelligence of their enterprise security posture,” said Matt Webster, CTO at Lumeta.

IPsonar ESI is the next generation of network discovery, visualization and analytics. It uses a unique hybrid technique of active discovery (scanning), passive discovery (listening), and targeted system inquiries (credential-based device profiling) to produce comprehensive network visibility. This hybrid approach detects new devices and paths on the network, visualizing the routes as they appear and highlighting newly attached network devices. IPsonar ESI also discovers partner connections, cloud connectivity, “stealthy” devices, and defines the network perimeter. The real-time network discovery offered through passive techniques is continuously tuned by what the active discovery component probes on the network, ensuring 100% network visibility and continuous monitoring of network change.

IPsonar ESI includes:

·         Zone Segmentation. IPsonar ESI allows for the creation of discovery zones, with individual rules and policies, to segment continuous monitoring of security controls for compliance with regulatory and internal information security policies. Zones can be as simple or as complex as defined by an organization and can be comprised of logical networks and subnets, regardless of where they are physically deployed around the world.

·         IPv6 Support. As organizations deploy IPv6, they can test the security posture of IPv6-enabled devices to make sure they are properly configured and to detect possible vulnerabilities – to ensure that IPv6 traffic doesn’t reach unintended recipients.

·         Customizable Dashboard. An enterprise dashboard provides visibility into the entire network infrastructure – including data about network connections and devices, as well as topology mapping. The dashboard consolidates and communicates relevant security status in real-time, translating raw data into actionable information and alerts for events that require immediate action – for example, to quickly identify rogue devices or those that are out of policy.  It also provides comparative reporting to understand trends within the network infrastructure.

·         Dynamic Data Visualization. IPsonar ESI provides a comprehensive, real-time network map enabling global visibility across the enterprise – from high-level to specific devices (enhanced device attributes provide quick access to node details, directly in the context of the network map). Network topology maps for large, globally diverse, highly complex networks are displayed via both an auto-layout map and a user-defined “mental model” layout.

The intelligence discovered by IPsonar ESI is a necessary foundation for comprehensive cyber situational awareness. It should be used in conjunction with an organization’s existing security and network management tools, such as vulnerability management (VM), security incident and event management (SIEM), intrusion prevention systems (IPS) and network access control (NAC) – enhancing the value of an organization’s investment in those products. Network, security and compliance products can only be fully effective when operating with 100% network visibility. IPsonar ESI offers flexible integration to third-party products via an open API.

The commercial version of IPsonar ESI is available today through Lumeta and its partners. It is offered as a perpetual software license, priced starting at US$ 75,000.

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More information on IPsonar ESI:
About Lumeta Corporation

Lumeta’s IPsonar® product suite is the most widely deployed real-time network discovery solution for large enterprise and government.  This patented technology discovers and maps every IP connected device on a network, including inbound and outbound leaks, giving executive management a clear, comprehensive view of cyber-threat risks and policy violations arising from network change.  IPsonar provides foundational intelligence required to make decisions impacting security, compliance and availability.  It delivers an efficient and cost-effective process to streamline network consolidation (M&A) projects, as well as addresses today’s security initiatives associated with BYOD, Mobility, Cloud, Outsourcing, SDN, Access Control and Big Data which increase the complexity of a network and compromise traditional security defenses.  IPsonar optimizes other network and security product investments with accurate and fact-based network intelligence.  Headquartered in Somerset, New Jersey, Lumeta has operations throughout the world. More information is available at or connect with Lumeta on Twitter.

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