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MapR Technologies Announces New Big Data Platform that Brings Enterprise-Grade Reliability and Performance to HBase

October 23, 2012 No Comments


NEW YORK, NY – October 23, 2012 – MapR Technologies, Inc., the Hadoop technology leader, today announced at O’Reilly Strata Conference + Hadoop World 2012 that it is bringing unprecedented Hadoop and NoSQL capabilities together on an easy, dependable and fast platform. With MapR M7, Big Data operations ranging from batch analytics to real-time database functions can be performed with enterprise-grade reliability and protection.

One of the core benefits of M7 is making HBase enterprise grade with instant recovery from hardware and software failures, disaster recovery and full data protection with snapshots and mirroring. Even with multiple hardware or software outages and errors, applications will continue running without any administrator actions required.

M7 increases the performance of HBase to unprecedented levels. First, by eliminating the need for compactions, M7 provides uniform and consistent performance. Second, by utilizing innovative data structures that minimize the read- and write-amplification factor, inserts and updates are much faster. M7 also supports in-memory columns, providing more options to increase database performance.

“M7 is taking Hadoop and HBase to the next level,” said Jan Gelin, vice president of Technical Operations, Rubicon Project, a leading real-time advertising platform that was recently named number one in advertising reach by comScore. “The enterprise-grade capabilities of M7 give us a more complete platform and the ability to do new things with data.”

“The Evaluator Group believes that enterprise Hadoop users will evaluate Hadoop and its supporting infrastructure using the same criteria that they would apply to other production data center-resident applications they are responsible for,” said John Webster, senior partner, Evaluator Group. “MapR’s support for an enterprise grade version of HBase responds to these demands with automated stateful failover, instant recovery and full data protection against user and application errors.”

HBase scalability has also been improved dramatically. M7 users can create more than a trillion tables. With M7, HBase has more than 20X the number of column families and has increased row and cell sizes to handle large data objects.

M7 greatly simplifies HBase administration by ensuring there are no separate processes to monitor and manage, no manual compactions, no manual region merges, no pre-splitting, no manual database repair operations and no downtime for standard maintenance.

“With M7, customers can now more successfully address a broader set of use cases,” said John Schroeder, CEO and cofounder, MapR Technologies. “This release is further evidence of MapR’s technical leadership and ability to make Big Data applications easy, dependable and fast.”

MapR M7 is binary compatible with Apache HBase. Customers do not need to recompile or change code to take advantage of the enterprise-grade features. M7 also supports Apache HBase within the same cluster.

M7 leverages an entire ecosystem of products and services including Informatica, the leading data integration company. “MapR brings additional reliability and performance to Hadoop and combined with Informatica’s PowerCenter Big Data Edition addresses the big data challenges of volume, variety, and velocity,” said Todd Goldman, vice president and general manager, Data Integration at Informatica. “Customers can take advantage of the additional Hadoop reliability of MapR and Informatica’s visual development environment to extract, load, process and deliver data in a Hadoop cluster for successful big data projects.”

M7 also expands HBase use cases and applications. “The complexity of deploying and optimizing Apache Hadoop has inhibited organizations from integrating it into their business intelligence ecosystems,” said Manoj Goyal, senior director, Converged Application Solutions Engineering, Enterprise Group, HP. “HP solutions for Hadoop are built to enable rapid deployment, and innovations such as the HBase enhancements in MapR M7 further help customers integrate Hadoop into their data centers.”

Drawn to Scale is a current MapR partner that provides, Spire, the first real-time read/write SQL database on Hadoop that embraces the enterprise capabilities of M7. “Our customers require best of breed performance and stability. With M7 as our HBase storage layer, our Web, Mobile and Enterprise customers get the fastest, most reliable platform for SQL operational workloads,” says Ryan Rawson, vice president of Engineering at Drawn to Scale.

Simba is a leading supplier of standards-based data access and analytics solutions. M7 expands their connectivity to include mission-critical applications. “Standard SQL access via ODBC to NoSQL to Big Data sources was pioneered by Simba.  Simba’s Big Data ODBC drivers connect any standard SQL application to any NoSQL Big Data source, such as Hadoop/Hive, HBase and others,” said George Chow, Simba’s CTO.  “As a pioneer and market leader in SQL and ODBC connectivity, Simba is pleased to collaborate with MapR to deliver industrial-strength connectivity to Big Data for the enterprise.”

Finally, the M7 performance advantages usher in new capabilities and applications that are possible with Hadoop. Fusion-io focuses on improving the performance and efficiency of customer’s data centers with their Fusion-io technology to accelerate critical applications. “Performance and capacity are crucial to ensuring that big data analytics can be conducted in a timeframe that delivers value from insights,” said Neil Carson, Fusion-io chief technology officer. “Fusion-io is pleased to team up with MapR to accelerate Hadoop HBase and NoSQL in the MapR M7 platform to provide a Big Data solution with enterprise grade reliability, security and performance.”

Registration to participate in the MapR M7 beta program is now open. (

About MapR Technologies

MapR delivers on the promise of Hadoop, making managing and analyzing Big Data a reality for more business users. The award-winning MapR Distribution brings unprecedented dependability, speed and ease-of-use to Hadoop. Combined with data protection and business continuity, MapR enables customers to harness the power of Big Data analytics.  Leading companies including Amazon, Cisco, EMC and Google partner with MapR to deliver an enterprise-grade Hadoop solution. Investors include Lightspeed Venture Partners, NEA and Redpoint Ventures. Connect with MapR on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

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MapR Technologies, Inc.

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MapR Technologies, Inc.

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