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Augmented Reality Analytics: Transforming Data Visualization

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Top 5 Technology Advancements with the Biggest Impact on Businesses

November 21, 2017 No Comments

Featured article by Ankit Kumar, Independent Technology Author

Technology has transformed the way in which businesses operate, and this article considers the Top Five Technology Advancements that had the biggest impact on businesses. Each of these advancements can be thought of as waves of transformation that revolutionized in paradigm shifts that are described below.

Networked Computer

While the emergence of the standalone computer transformed the way in which workflow processes and automation of routine tasks were done, the arrival of the networked computer revolutionized the way in which business was carried out. Indeed, with networked computers, a whole new era in the way in which businesses operated was the impact. Without sounding over the top, it can be said that networked computers ushered in a paradigm shift and led to the emergence of the services economy.


The next wave of technology led transformation happened through the internet wherein taken together with networked computing, businesses could now be located anywhere and do business with anyone on a 24/7 basis. Indeed, the internet revolutionized the very nature of business in terms of globalizing the networked world wherein connectivity meant that one was not constrained by location or time. In other words, firms located anywhere and everywhere could interact with their clients anytime and all the time in addition to being contactable everywhere and every time. Thus, the internet ushered in a new transformation and had a significant impact on business.

Smartphone and Mobile Computing

Perhaps nothing revolutionized the world of business than the emergence of the Smartphone and Mobile Computing. While earlier waves of transformation resulted in global connectivity, the Smartphone ensured that computing was no longer done in a specific office setting or location dependent workplace. In other words, mobile and wireless computing meant that the individual became the center of the technology universe which was a quantum leap from the earlier waves wherein one still needed to work from a specific setting where networks were available. With seamless and round the clock connectivity, Smartphones resulted in the emergence of a new paradigm that focused on individual empowerment and transformation.

Cloud Computing and Wireless Networking

A key technology advancement that is having a huge impact in the way businesses operate is the Cloud Computing and Wireless Networking. With cloud computing, firms, such as Cato Networks, a secure SD-WAN as a service provider, give businesses the ability to scale up and at the same time integrate offices and resource together, transforming the way in which businesses operate. In other words, locating applications in the cloud means that firms can reap the benefits of economies of scale and leverage the synergies from automation. “By converging SD-WAN and security into the cloud, companies can finally use the agility and affordability of cloud computing to transform their networking and security infrastructure,” says Shlomo Kramer, CEO and co-founder of Cato Networks. Trends such as advancements in Cloud Security and SD-WAN by vendors such as Cato Networks make advanced network security affordable, helping to ensure businesses worry free operations.

Artificial Intelligence

A new wave of transformation is underway, and this is the emergence of AI, or Artificial Intelligence wherein machines become as smart as humans or better and which can indeed make the way in which we work and live revolutionized to the point where we might not be needed at all. On the other hand, AI can also lead to enhancement in the quality of services provided by businesses and hence, it is totally up to us to determine whether we use AI for good or bad.

Among the firms at the forefront of these waves of transformation is Cato Networks with its suite of applications related to cloud security and wireless networking providing its clients with the cutting edge abilities to revolutionize their operations and transform the way in which they operate at present.

About the Author

Ankit Kumar is a tech enthusiast and avid reader, hailing from New Delhi – The Capital of India. He loves to write about latest technology, startups, and online businesses.  Currently, working as  Search Engine Specialist at Accunite, he also manages TechPluto editorial team. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer science engineering from Kurukshetra University.


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