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Augmented Reality Analytics: Transforming Data Visualization

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Why You Should Consider a Degree in IT

June 10, 2024 No Comments

Featured article by Jade Anderson, Independent Technology Author

Are you currently deciding which career path to take? Tossing up between a couple of choices but not sure which really speaks out to you? Information technology (IT) is the use of computers to store, send and retrieve information. Not only is the area a stimulating and rewarding environment to work in, but there are also numerous benefits that supplement the degree and its career. Here is why you should consider a degree in IT.

The rise of the digital age

The way we work is now moving to a digital landscape, from the way that we store our data to the forms of marketing and promotion. IT has never been so prevalent in our daily lives and in our businesses. The rise of the digital age has increased the importance of IT and the necessity of IT skills to not only manage the demand of increasing technology but as well as to develop and grow technology to improve businesses and communities.

Flexible studying times

Since information technology is a popular degree to enrol in, most institutions will allow you to be flexible with your learning. You can have the option of studying on campus at a university or college, or otherwise studying your entire degree online such as through an online course at Upskilled. You can choose to study around your own personal schedule and when it is most convenient for you.

Different job prospects

IT is without a doubt one of the most flexible occupations that exist where you can use your degree in IT for all different uses. This includes software engineering, applications development, systems analysis, web developer, computer programming, systems design, engineering and business analytics. Through these opportunities, you can also be flexible with how and where you work, whether to work independently or in a team, or at home or in an office. You can also use your skills for further development of a start-up or business that you can run on the side.

Applied globally

The skills and knowledge that you gain within an IT degree will be applicable to all systems and computer processes all over the world. IT is highly demanded in all countries and if you choose to work in another country, you would be able to apply your skills to your job. Technology is a language that used across the globe and does not change depending on the culture or language.


In your degree, you will be learning how to apply IT practically in your classes as well as the learning the theory. You will also be able to combine your IT knowledge and skills with other disciplines and degrees that you are currently or previously have studied. By building upon an analytical mindset, you can bring forth multiple perspectives to use in the classroom and in industry. Additionally, once you graduate, the skills that you develop will be directly linking to what you have learnt in your classes and will be directly applied. No matter which industry, you will be able to find a position or role and work in an industry that you are passionate about but also be able to incorporate your IT skills.

High in demand

Since careers that require degrees in informational technology are high in demand, IT graduates have high job prospects. This is especially the case if you hold a PeopleCert certification. All companies and organizations from every type of industry require IT professionals to develop and grow their business. You are more likely to secure a position in a firm following the completion of your IT degree. For better competitiveness, a complementing project management diploma online course on top of your IT diploma will help you land higher-paying jobs.

Earn the big bucks

Although a high salary may not be the sole motivator and incentive of undertaking a degree, it does stand as a major advantage when pursuing this career path. You are secured with a high financial position once you complete your degree. Your hard hours and effort that you invested in your degree and the money that you pay to take the course will be recompensed to you in form of the high salary that you will receive for being an IT professional.

No matter what degree you choose, you will want to maximise the time spent while completing a degree and to ensure you will gain the most benefits from studying a degree. What reason sparks your interest to study an IT degree?

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Jade Anderson is an experienced In-house Editor at Upskilled. With a background in online marketing, Jade runs some successful websites of her own. Her passion for the education industry and content is displayed through the quality of work she offers.

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