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4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Having A Cybersecurity Career

February 8, 2019 No Comments

Featured article by Sarah Morris, Independent Technology Author

shutter 300x200 4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Having A Cybersecurity Career

Nowadays, young people are looking for long-term careers that can benefit them financially. Careers related to computer systems have become more popular lately. One of the most high-demand careers right now is a computer software engineer, which can be used to pave your way to have a career in cybersecurity.

With ongoing online attacks, most companies, if not all, are now looking for a certified cybersecurity analyst to be a part of their team. There’s no technical background needed when starting a cybersecurity career, but having one is truly beneficial. You just need to have the right training and certification to get yourself started.

Here are four reasons to consider pursuing a cybersecurity career.

1. Dynamic Career

Acybersecurity career doesn’t limit you to one or two opportunities in a company or any business establishment. With proven skills and certifications, becoming a cybersecurity expert involves various topics and fields in information technology that a company features vacant positions in. This is one of the reasons that make cybersecurity a high-demand and high-paying career.

A company doesn’t only have one type of system running in their office but a group of systems that work simultaneously. Cybersecurity experts are responsible to monitor each one and make sure that nothing goes wrong in any of the company’s systems. Not all systems are related to each other as one can be about artificial intelligence in cars and the other about financial records.

Pursuing such a career will never be boring and doesn’t entail doing only one task in a company. Aside from all the lessons you took in your studies, you also have to learn the company’s system itself and the algorithm involved to create an optimal solution for any problem that arises. You also have to be aware of the latest cybersecurity threats that could harm the reputation of the bank and your career.

Moreover, cybersecurity doesn’t only entail protecting software damages but additional protection to hardware damages as well.

shutter 2 300x169 4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Having A Cybersecurity Career

2. Endless Growth

Hackers get creative every time they do a cyberattack to leave no trace after their procedures. However, cybersecurity experts can always find something unique in their attacks that they can trace back to the hackers and their origin. With this ongoing process, a cybersecurity career will never be boring, and you’ll always find something new to solve.

They need to have excellent problem-solving skills to prevent all expected cyberattacks and possibly new ones. These challenges will make the career never-ending, as long as the online system still runs. You can always rely on a stable or growing income because of this.

3. No Permanent Abode

Working online doesn’t need you to be in a certain office as long as your supervisors can track everything that you do. While not all companies allow you to work outside their building, many companies permit cybersecurity experts to work wherever they want to. This usually happens when they’re urgent to look for one, but can’t find someone near them.

Most companies offer a relocation allowance to maintain consistent communication with the employee. Different companies offer different benefits and agreements. As long as the online system is concerned, you just have to connect to their system using online tools and should be able to work effectively.

4. Brings Positive Impact

Many students are looking for jobs and careers that could bring great positive impact to the society. With medical needs, scientists are creating new technologies to make medicine more readily available to the public and more efficient than before. This is done by incorporating science with computer engineering.

These medical advancement are now combined with the latest technologies that when corrupted, it could cost a person’s life. An example of this medical-related cybersecurity is updating the firmware of a cardiac pacemaker to make it more reliable for patients to use. You don’t only help yourself by earning wages, but you also protect other people from software damages in their implantable devices.

Furthermore, many people get dissatisfied with their current positions in their offices because they don’t have interest in where they are, but not when you choose this career. With a dynamic environment, endless growth, no permanent abode, and positive impact, a cybersecurity career is perfect for you to get job satisfaction. Helping the world to make it a better place one step at a time.

The Bottom Line

As the latest technologies evolve, the demand for solving the problems related to those technologies increases. Cybersecurity has never been talked about for the past few years, but as cyberattacks become prominent, the demand goes up higher. With any computer-related courses in college, you can start your cybersecurity from there and improve by gaining more knowledge and become certified.




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