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Augmented Reality Analytics: Transforming Data Visualization

Augmented Reality Analytics: Transforming Data Visualization

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5 Business Tech Solutions That Get the Job Done

November 22, 2021 No Comments

Featured article by Jenna Christine


Just because a seller labels a product with the lofty term tech solution doesn’t mean it solves anything. The proof of the pudding is in the eating, as the old saying goes, and it certainly applies to modern day business technology products in every niche. For instance, inventory monitoring solutions are often quite expensive, but not all offerings do an excellent job of keeping track of a company’s inventory.

The thing for owners and entrepreneurs to do is to shop wisely and ask lots of questions. Vendors will be glad to give you demo apps so you can see whether a given product suits your company’s needs. Be aware of the wide variety of quality and price and that the two don’t always match up. Additionally, consider the following five business tech solutions that have the potential to streamline your work, cut costs, and generally make life easier, no matter what kind of product or service you sell.


AI-Based Inventory Monitoring

One of the true champions of the newest wave of commercial tech offerings, inventory monitoring software is a workhorse that creates its own reports, lets you know when to order more of a particular item, and pretty much serves as a stand-alone, objective manager for production companies of all types. If you store anything, whether on-site or off, ask vendors for AI inventory demo products you can try in real-time. Always do a trial before committing to a purchase. Also, be sure to have the relevant accounting department personnel on hand during implementation and trial. There’s no substitute for expert oversight whenever you choose to do a software demo run.


Fleet Management Systems

In the past decade, fleet management software has come a very long way. For instance, transport companies now use electronic logging devices (ELDs) on vehicles so as to avoid getting fined for driver hour violations. But, ELDs do much more than just help owners avoid fines. You can review an online guide about the many ways fleet-based ELDs deliver measurable benefits. With the right kind of logging software, it’s possible to get lower insurance premiums, add to your company’s overall safety record, discover dangerous driving behavior, and more. The multiple benefits of ELD systems are why transport companies use them system-wide along with dozens of other fleet management software programs.


Cloud Storage for Log Files

The entire realm of data storage has undergone a change of advancement since 2017. Modern cloud solutions offer companies of all sizes the chance to safely, efficiently, and easily store vast amounts of data for a low cost. In nearly all situations, keeping log files and other data on a cloud-based server is far superior to maintaining in-house, local server storage areas that are susceptible to hacking, prying eyes, and crashes.

Third-party companies that store data for a fee offer redundancy, guarantees against intrusion, and easy access for your organization’s authorized personnel in real-time. Some owners choose the cloud only for certain kinds of files and keep the rest of their sensitive data on home-based servers. Either way, the proliferation of cloud storage for bulky files like logs and similar caches of information is a tech trend that grows more widespread with each passing year.


Tax Tracking Software

For the purposes of keeping meticulous financial records and preparing thorough, accurate tax returns, tax tracking software products have no equal. However, a few of the newer market entrants are nothing more than low quality copies of the most reliable versions, so be wary of unusually low prices from sellers you have never heard of. A few of the better offerings in this niche include AI-based tech. That means your tax tracker has the ability to make worthwhile suggestions, in real-time, about how to eliminate or minimize errors that you make. Additional features include multiple report scanning and direct alerting of in-house accounting professionals when a critical issue arises and needs human intervention.


Multi-Phase Site Security

Companies of all sizes are taking advantage of the latest security devices and applications. Many of the better products include long-term video storage for later review, monitors that maintain logs of who accessed which files, the ability to control all lights and locks remotely, facial recognition for enhanced safety, and all-around surveillance cameras that not only record but come with real-time alerts for suspicious activities.

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