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5 Online Resources That Make Moving Easier

September 15, 2022 No Comments

Featured article by Calvin Paige, Independent Technology Author


Moving is equal parts exciting and frustrating — and this goes double if you’re moving out of state. Hopefully, your new beginning is something you’re eager to start. But, no matter the circumstances, the logistics and actual act of changing your residence will be complicated.

Indeed, the checklist can feel never-ending at times. Fortunately, aside from the whole psychological adjustment and starting your new life part, the difficulties are mostly a lot of small things.

There is, however, one saving grace. Compared to people who moved out of state even a decade or two ago, you have the whole online world at your fingertips. To help take some pain out of the situation, here are five of the most useful online resources to help your out-of-state move go smoothly.

1. Professional Movers

Younger people — or anyone with a major DIY mindset — might be tempted to rent a truck and go it alone for the big move. That may save you a little money and can work for the right situation. But, more often than not, it’s easiest to enlist the help of professionals. Doing so saves so much hassle, and there are many options these days, like Unpakt, that can be easily and quickly booked online.

2. Setting Up Services

The more you can do to set up services and utilities before you move in, the better. After all, you want the transition back to day-to-day life to be as seamless as possible once you first arrive. So, be sure to do a little research into your new electricity, water and heating (if applicable) service providers. Depending on where you move, though, you might not have much choice when it comes to setting up utilities. Cable and internet service providers often have plenty of market competition, though, so look to sites like ISP In Area to see what’s available in your new city or town.

3. Changing Your Address

Most states require you to get a new driver’s license within a month of moving — and that 30 days can sure fly by. But you can usually set up an online appointment with the DMV to ensure you get this chore out of the way immediately. You also need to do the same with car registration, the IRS, Social Security and any other governmental services in which you are enrolled.

4. Updating Accounts

A similar, but more involved process, will apply to all your major personal accounts. At some point, you need to go in and update your address and other personal information with your bank, credit card provider, retirement account and more. There is really no easy way to get this all done; you’ll just have to log in to each one and make the changes manually. Starting with a quick checklist will probably help so you don’t accidentally overlook any important accounts. Then, just set aside an hour or so one day to jump online and bang them all out at once.

5. Mail Forwarding

Sometimes it’s the littlest things that seem to be the most difficult. Good ‘ole snail mail definitely fits that category for many people who put off forwarding their mail until the last minute. Fortunately, the USPS makes it easy to update your mailing address online in a matter of minutes. It even offers a “premium” forwarding option if that’s something you need.

Making the Big Move Easier

Moving will never be easy. The logistics are annoying, and you have to get them all done with limited time during an emotional phase of transition. Bottom line: It’s going to be a pain.

But there are now a lot of online resources to make it easier. Try to book some well-recommended professional movers, set up utilities/services, change your address, and update your accounts, and don’t forget about forwarding your mail.

If you’re really on the ball, you might even be able to get most of this done in a single afternoon. It still might not be fun, but at least this isn’t 1995 and you don’t have to run all over town filling out countless forms. That, at least, is something you can be thankful for.

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