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Augmented Reality Analytics: Transforming Data Visualization

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5 Ways To Earn Money From Your Website

May 13, 2021 No Comments

Featured article by Anna Bowman

Having and maintaining a website is fun, but it also takes a lot of your free time. Unless you’re using it for business needs, constantly publishing new content may be exhausting.

In times like these, you’ll start questioning yourself if you should continue. You’d say to yourself – unless someone pays me to do this, I quit.

While thinking about this idea, you might want to know how to earn money out of your efforts. You don’t have to find someone to be your boss and pay you for writing. There are alternative ways on the Internet today.

We prepared five perfect ways for every website owner to earn money out of their efforts. With enough traffic and using these methods, you can make millions over time. Follow up to see what these ideas are:

1. Content marketing and native ads

The Internet is a vast place with tons of content published every second, so it’s easy to get lost in this ocean of information. Companies need their products advertised, but it’s hard to stand out with so many blogs out there.

The problem is that consumers hate paid advertising. They want blog posts written by ordinary people – content creators, such as you and your blog. Offer yourself on the market and provide native ads for these companies. Native ads mean content that will promote a product in the most natural way.

Software developers come up with ideas that will make this as easy as possible for you. Software solutions like Voluum DSP provide fast and easy native ad content without anyone moving a finger. Everything’s automated, and both companies and their affiliates are happy with the outcome.

2. Implementing a Google ads box

Google ads are perfect for everyone having a niche site and lots of traffic on it. Let’s say you’re writing about fashion, and you have a couple of thousand daily visitors. Implementing a code inside the web page that will place Google ads on your site will let visitors click on these ads.

Every click brings you a piece of action. The more visitors you have, and the more clicks they make on these ads, the more money you get.

3. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is similar to the previous option, with the difference that you place links leading to stores where people can buy the stuff you’re talking about. If you run a successful blog and already know enough about the industry, why not offer your readers some of the best products?

Placing a dedicated link in the article to allow readers to buy through you is original affiliate marketing. Some website owners have hundreds of links. They need to use specialized affiliate tracking software solutions to see how their business is going.

If you’re a beginner, you’ll have an easy time tracking your earnings, but as the page grows and more content is added, you’ll find out it’s impossible to see how everything’s working and what you need to improve. That’s when the ad tracker will come in handy.

4. Selling ad space

This one’s a classic. You have a web page, and you sell part of your page to businesses who want their ads to be seen by your visitors. Depending on how much traffic you handle daily, your price may be a couple of cents or a couple of bucks per impression.

5. Offering backlinks to relevant pages

A rising industry at the moment is the backlink building industry. It’s easy for pages that have proven their value over the years to maintain a high position in search engines, but new websites trying to make a breakthrough need to do a solid backlinking campaign.

If you own a page, you can charge for placing links inside the content in your blog section. You don’t have to do anything but copy-paste the text in the editor in some cases. Better domain and page authority means charging more, so up your game and create a great website.

Wrapping up

Most of us started blogs years ago thinking it’s fun. We never realized it might be so profitable one day. If you’re one of us, and you’re thinking about making money from your blog, then try some of the ideas we mentioned above. Profits guaranteed.



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