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6 Tech Ideas To Boost Workplace Productivity

March 18, 2021 No Comments

Featured article by Donald Brown, Tech Guru

Workplace productivity reflects the company’s efficiency in accomplishing tasks and goals. By maintaining productivity within the employees, its profitability and employee morale will continue to increase. It’s essential to prioritize workplace productivity because low productivity will result in lower work quality, less revenue, and negative employee engagement.

Thanks to technology, companies can now increase productivity by providing employees the best performance systems and tools to help achieve goals efficiently!  The wrong use of technology can cause distractions, but the right software, applications, and gadgets can turn things around and produce a productive and dynamic workplace.

To help you find the most effective workplace support, here are the best tech ideas you can use to boost workplace productivity:


1. Use Time Tracking Tools

Time is essential. Every employee should maximize their working time to finish more tasks, and time tracking tools can help track everyone’s productivity during a certain period. Without time tracking tools, workers can easily underestimate how much time they have left and won’t maximize their work time.

If you want to set an urgent or time-constrained goal, time tracking tools can help workers check how much time they take to finish tasks and how productive they are for the whole workday.

Prevent procrastination and solve low productivity issues with the help of these tools. You’ll be able to learn how your co-workers spend their time and see if they actually finished tasks, or if they’re having problems reaching the deadline. In turn, you’ll also get a useful overview of the team’s current performance.

2. Utilize High-Quality Devices And Computers

The advancing technology continuously provides new devices and gadgets that can help workers become more productive. You can utilize high-quality computers to ensure seamless uploads and downloads, as well as accomplish other simple tasks. You don’t want workers to experience constant lags and malfunctions when working as these lessen the productivity and amount of accomplished tasks.

You can also provide noise-cancelling headphones if your workplace is a voice-based workforce as it prevents clients from hearing other people in the area. Another device you can add to your workspace areas is high-quality webcams to ensure clear and stable image during virtual meetings.

Of course, your employees’ wellness is crucial for the workplace to remain productive. You can provide wearable health technology that can track your workers’ vital statistics and current health conditions. Wearable technology allows you to tend to your workers’ concerns faster and seek medical assistance quickly if they need help.

3. Create A Schedule Using Digital Calendars

Following the schedule is crucial to avoid work backlogs and harmful delays. It’s essential to keep track of all pending tasks, meetings, and projects to ensure that you’ll be meeting all the assigned deadlines. While traditional post-it notes still work, digital calendars help workplaces create a unified schedule for all employees. Free calendar applications are easily accessible, and employees can use them to check their schedules anywhere they go.

Why should you switch to a digital calendar?  Well, digital calendars can be accessed from multiple devices, and everyone in the workplace can use them as long as they have the link or access to the calendar. You can easily streamline appointments, meetings, and events to notify all your employees as well!

You also don’t have to worry about forgetting your schedule because you can easily set up reminders and alarms for the most important tasks for the day. You can stay on schedule and prevent missing any deadlines or meetings if you have a convenient digital calendar.

4. Utilize Group Chats

Communication is essential to a healthy workplace environment. Utilizing group chats is an effective way for workers to stay up-to-date with all announcements and assignments. You can easily forget details if the workplace only communicates through talking, but having group chats will allow you to track discussions, read back on announcements, and even set reminders if you need it.

Group chats, like Slack, will also remove the long walks across the workplace because you can easily send a message anywhere you are. You can communicate with your co-workers quickly, and there’s also less room for misinformation because you can give detailed instructions to your co-workers.

Rather than using emails, which aren’t suitable for lengthy conversations, group chats provide more efficient communication streams that employees can easily access to raise concerns and ask for clarifications. No matter your business or company niche, communication should always be one of the topmost priorities to maintain a healthy and productive workplace.


5. Provide A High-Speed Internet Connection

A high-speed and consistent Internet connection ensures that your workers have access to their assignments and data all the time. When choosing an Internet provider, consider the location and building space to guarantee everyone’s connection.

You can also opt for fixed wireless connections because they’re usually weatherproof and will provide a strong connection with higher bandwidth, faster uptime, and ultra-low latency. You should also have a backup Internet source in case of blackout or primary Internet source malfunctions.

Your Internet connection affects how fast workers can accomplish tasks, so make sure that you pick a reliable connection for everyone to use.

6. Use Task-Management Software

You can use task management software or cloud-based project tools to organize all your assignments for seamless and organized project management. Using task management software will help workers find documents, data, and past projects faster because they’re digital and easily accessible. Cloud-based tools can also help provide backup data if someone accidentally deleted their files and tasks.

With task management software, you can collaborate with other departments and share files that both parties can access. You can also monitor deadlines, create a to-do list, or even set up a calendar if you want everything in one place. If you want transparency within the workplace, using task management tools is the way to go.


Technology has allowed many advanced solutions to make everyday tasks easier. When used correctly, workplaces can benefit greatly from using time tracking tools, computers, wearable technology, digital calendars, project management software, and a reliable high-speed Internet connection. Turn your traditional workplace into a healthy and productive digital workplace environment with the right productivity tools.


Donald Brown

Donald Brown is a tech guru, helping people live a healthier and better life through wearable technology. He had numerous speaking engagements in different institutions and shares his insights through guest posting.

Donald is happily married with five children. He has a pitbull named Jackson. Also, he is a sportsman who loves to play basketball and tennis during his free time.



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